Droid RAZR & Galaxy Nexus: Tale Of Two Falls


Well isn’t this just slap in the face: while our forum members and readers desperately crave the Galaxy Nexus, probably willing to go to outrageous lengths to hold the precious thing, this guy nonchalantly chucks it down a flight of stairs to see if it will break. (Spoiler: it doesn’t)

The Gorilla glassless G-NEX survives the fate of a long drop, meanwhile, a Droid RAZR at a different time and place suffers a much different fate.

Pay no attention to the outcome. It has no merit. For all we know, someone ran over this Motorola Droid RAZR with a bulldozer while the Galaxy Nexus was lofted onto fluffy carpet. I like how throughout the rest of the house (in the video) you see ceramic or hardwood floors and surfaces. The guy found the least hard place to do his Galaxy Nexus drop test. Obviously a good idea for him… but it doesn’t exactly prove any points.

[Via Droid-Life]

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  1. At least the battery won’t fall out of the razr

    1. was funny the first time

    2. thanks for repeating what i said on DL YESTERDAY. epic fail!!!! and i just checked you commented on my status on DL. real epic fail !!!!!!!

      1. it was a funny comment. relax timmy

      2. Getting pretty majorly bent because someone repeated something you said online – epic fail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. so whats new, everyone knows Sammy makes tough ass phones.

  2. Why ruin a great phone? Donate to someone who deserves it. I hate when people do drop test for the name of science.

    1. If this is science, than I’m a ballerina (a 235 pound one). Just a cheap fame over YouTube.

  3. Was that the 16GB GN or the 32GB?

  4. It proves something alright, this guy is an a$$hat.

  5. That sucks.

  6. I’m getting the Gnex but this doesn’t really prove anything. I’m sure that someone will do a test between dropping the Gnex, iPhone 4s, and RAZR on the concrete soon.

  7. When will the Galaxy Nexus be available for sale inside the United States and compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G ?

    1. Someone dropped him down a set of stairs when he was a baby….  Didn’t work out as well for him as it did for the phone.

    2. Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

  8. Thanks for posting this utterly pointless video.  Maybe I will run over the phone with a beach ball to further test the strength of the glass.

    1. Haha. Well said, well said :)

  9. Drop some more expensive hardware and and prove your a baller. 

  10. If you really want to do drop tests on phones, give it to a nurse, they drop them all the time.

  11. by the way people stop dropping your phones so much, you spend $300 on it take care of your stuff. If your a clumsy idiot buy a G’zOne Commando which you could probably shoot with a gun and it would last.

  12. These people are stupid for wasting their damn money on a good ass phone.

  13. Lol moto’s all in all Kevlar. What’s the point when the screen smashes so easily. The rim around the glass needs to be designed really well for glass to survive most drops like Galaxy S II and I. Looks like they’ve done the same with the GN. Moto take a leaf out

  14. That guy has never owned a Samsung phone obviously. Complete utter junk.

  15. I think that was a pretty hard floor.  When he flipped it over on the step you could hear it hitting like it was hard.  Regardless that wasn’t exactly plush carpet if it was.  I t hit hard enough to knock the cover and battery off so i’ll say that;s pretty decent.  My Atrix fell on one step and shattered like a sheet of ice.  More and more I’ve realized this Atrix build is crappy as hell!  Dust under the screen, cracking easy… not impressed at all.

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