Samsung: Galaxy S2 Will Definitely Get ICS Android 4.0


Most people probably assumed that Samsung’s current flagship phone (besides the G-NEX) – the Samsung Galaxy S2 – would get Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich. But we’ve learned in this crazy business that one should never assume. We heard Motorola and Sony Ericsson both confirm future device upgrades to ICS and now Samsung has soothed S2 owners by promising the same.

They clearly indicate no dates confirmed and with how many different carriers offer the GS2 I wouldn’t expect dates. Each carrier has their own testing policy and priorities, so we’ll have to play wait and see on this one. I wouldn’t expect anything before the new year and probably not until a month or two in, but that’s just me spouting personal speculation. So continue waiting, and when you see and upgrade, make sure you let us know!

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  1. ics will likely arrive on the gs2 before the nexus releases. sad.

    1. Doubt it.  Esp. if your carrier is Verizon ;-).

  2. Was this really worth a post?

  3. Samsung to customers : you’ll get ics but first Europe will get it then 6-8 months later U.S. will. In the meantime just buy my latest device that already has it on there.

    1. You can thank the carriers for that =/.

      1. You can thank Samsung or Google for that.

        Google for allowing carriers and OEMs to control Android and destroy its image.

        Samsung for not making the upgrade available as a download so anyone can do it manually.

        1. That’s not how it works.  Android is open source, therefor Google has no control whatsoever about what OEMs do with their phones and what software/skins they put on them. If you don’t like this, then get a Nexus, WP7 or iOS phone.  On top of that, the carriers control when to push updates OTA, so they have the final say on what/when updates get pushed out.

          The Nexus series is the only exception to this.

          You always have the option of “manual upgrade” through unofficial means/sources though ;-).

          1. Well I’m not really sure why Samsung would not make their OFFICIAL upgrade available for download off their website. Seems like the logical thing to do since everyone blames the carriers. But it should be Samsung’s fault for making the carriers push it. And it will always be Google’s problem because this is the exact result of your faux open philosophy they like to believe in, yet really don’t know shit about.

          2. Samsung doesn’t make the carriers push the update. The carriers want it that way. So they can control everything. Even if the update was made available on their website, they wouldn’t be allowed to do so unless the carrier gave the ok.

      2. Yea, and Samsung for putting their craptastic TouchWiz on it. If manufacturers would stop adding skins, and carriers stopped adding bloatware, we’d all be in update heaven, getting new OS updates the day they came out and what not… but that’s not going to happen with Android I guess… The more this goes on, the more my “I hate iPhone, Android rules” mentality is breaking. I’m tired of buying phones and having to wait 6 extra months for an OS update.

        1. seriously? quit whining about updates and get into the dev community the way android was made for. youdont build a mobile OS off a linux base to be trendy and a fashion accessory, its made for people who are actually good with technology. 
          my phone’s fine and the max i wait for an update is a month because if XDA doesn’t do it, i pick up where someones left off or just man up and port the rom  

          1. seriously?  I think the android phone market is intended to be larger then just techies!  If not they won’t be in business for long as most users aren’t techies and just want a kick a– phone to use without hassles….but that’s just me. 

  4. Coming to US Galaxy II phones in early 2014.

  5. Shut up Samsung!!!! What happen to update the goddamn Infuse to Gingerbread? Slow bastard.  I got an idea, how about skip the Gingerbread, and go straight to ICS

    1. Exactly! This is why this is my first and last Samsung phone that I will own.

  6. You guys really don’t need to say “ICS Android 4.0”

    You can just say “ICS.”

  7. Let’s focus on the Fascinate first guys. What happened to supporting devices for the length of the contract? Fascinate has been out for only a year, Samsung is only just now working on Gingerbread for it and Gingerbread is obsolete as of today.

  8. Either this ota update makes it to my phone or I’m rooting and putting cm9 on there… Whichever comes first (I’ve got a pretty good idea who’s going to win)

  9. looks like carls jr is the first to get ics http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150935382395456&set=a.176652060455.257810.91702965455&type=1&theater

  10. Yea… I’m not going to wait half my life for ICS to come out on my phone. I will happily put that AOSP ROM on my phone and have ICS early.

    To those that don’t root. Your choice, but don’t blame Samsung. Notice how the US versions are the only ones that don’t seem to be getting the updates, but all the other ones do. Apparently Samsung has the update, but someone isn’t giving these updates to us. Just thought I point that little thing out.

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