Nov 17th, 2011

As much as I love gaming, I’d have to say that it can sometimes be a pretty painful task on my smartphone. Say what you will about virtual d-pads, analog sticks or buttons — they just ain’t right. Try throwing a hadouken or making a head shot and you’ll soon learn it’s damn near impossible without tactile feedback. Not to mention your chubby fingers all over the screen, obstructing your view. Nothing — and mean nothing, will ever be able to replace good, old fashioned, physical buttons for the gaming enthusiast.

Sony Ericsson knew this fact and it’s one of the reasons they launched the Xperia Play. The only problem was, not everyone wanted or even had the option of choosing that device on their carrier. Also, you could look pretty silly showing up to a board room meeting with your Xperia Play for all to see. But what if you could just detach that wonderful d-pad and attach it to your smartphone of choice. That’s the idea behind Fructel’s Gametel universal wireless controller for Android.

The Gametel wireless controller easily attaches to any smartphone and uses a combination of Bluetooth and the custom driver app (located in the Android Market) to pair with your Android device. Fructel is currently in talks with app developers to make their games compatible with the Gametel controller seeing how the games that are “Xperia Play optimized,” wont show up in the Market for anyone who owns a different device. As of now, there are a little over 50 titles that will work just fine when the Gametel controller is ready to launch.

The best part of the Gametel controller? Well, it’s wireless. That means you can hook up your phone to your TV using HMDI out and still be able to play your favorite games from anywhere in the room. Now, THAT is versatility. The Gametel wireless controller is set to launch in time for Christmas for the low price of £49.95. Regardless of whether or not I’ve been good this year, I can guarantee that this will definitely be under my Christmas tree this year.

[Gametel via Pocketgamer]