Sprinkle Hits Android Market For All 2.3+ Phones, FREE Version Too!


Sprinkle, an incredibly fun and well designed physics-based game, has just landed on Android Market with a FREE version having limited levels. Whereas only Tegra-based devices with an NVIDIA processor could download and enjoy the game, now all phones running Android 2.3+ can get Sprinkle directly through Android Market for $1.99. Even better, you get a bunch of levels to play in the free version, sure to get you addicted, and then you’ll inevitably buy the full game.

When NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices launch, and if you’re lucky enough to snag one, the graphics will be improved to provide additional special effects, better lighting/shading, more realistic water and fire, and more. We look forward to seeing that on the ASUS Transformer Prime and hopefully tons of other devices at CES and MWC.

But for now, head on over to Android Market and grab Sprinkle for $1.99 and Sprinkle Free for, well, FREE!

Rob Jackson
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  1. I’m running 2.3.7 but the market will not let me install it (says “This app is incompatible with all of your devices”).  Any ideas what I should try?

  2. Downloading.

  3. Damn I need to go to the gas station and get a soda! :D

  4. Well I guess. I’m S.O.L. until LG decided to give us Thrill owners 2.3.

    1. Root the phone then.

      1. There’s no stable mod running for the Thrill. For the O3D there. Is.

  5. Glad I can now play without using Chainfire 3D.

  6. Lame. requires blah blah blah…..Now I see what Steve was talking about! Screw this “requires tegra” or certain versions of Android!

    1. You should learn to read before you criticize, and I quote

      “Whereas only Tegra-based devices with an NVIDIA processor could download and enjoy the game, NOW ALL phones running Android 2.3+ can get Sprinkle directly through Android Market for $1.99.”

      Capitalized to make it easier for you….

      1. Yes…phones running 2.3+

        Well shucks…I guess that huge percentage of people on 2.2 are screwed

        1. Yes, probably in the same way all the people with last years iPhone are screwed since they won’t be getting Siri….

          Are you truly going to keep talking? 

          Or are you going to try to defend your comments by making another comment with a “huge percentage” of “nothing” as it’s foundation…..

          1. Yea, Ill kpee yapping away wasting your time. Im at work, so I dont have much to do right now either way. 

            This stuff is an issue to me as atleast Apple has some control over what they do. The carriers (in the US) blocking proper update time tables is very frustrating. 

            And as for an app developer, Im quite sure the large percentage of 2.1 and 2.2 Android users would be in there sights as well as everyone else. 

  7. No go on Nexus One… good phone, but showing it’s age.

  8. Neat game, I’ve never heard of it before, so I decided to give it a try and ended up getting the full version. Works just fine on my TBolt running AOSP 2.3.5

  9. In for $1.99 !  Awesome graphics. Will keep you entertained for a long time.

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