Bonus 3GB of Dropbox Storage for HTC Devices Detailed


Remember when we told you guys about the deal HTC made with Dropbox for 3GB’s of bonus storage? As an avid Dropbox user myself, it left a lot of unanswered questions in regards to how the whole program would work. Would the app come pre-installed on future HTC devices? Did you have to register your device somewhere to get the bonus space? Well, Mr. NightAngel79 from our very own Android Forums is here to answer those questions and more.

Nick (NightAngel79), who is the proud owner of new HTC Rezound, noticed that there was no Dropbox app to be found on his device. After installing the app from the Android Market and signing in (he was already a Dropbox user), he noticed the desktop client on his PC notify him that the bonus 3GB of storage had been added to his account.

If you’re new to Dropbox, DB will give you 2GB to start out with and the bonus 3GB will bring up to 5GB. Using referral links you could potentially get you all the way up to 11GB of cloud storage all without paying a dime. There is a slight catch, however. The 3GB of extra storage isn’t permanent and will expire after 1 calendar year.

UPDATE: We’ve been receiving reports that the 3GB bonus storage is also working for older HTC devices as well. Although, I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the Dropbox app on my Evo 3D and haven’t received zilch (yet). We’ll see…

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Nick or just chat it up with other HTC Rezound owners, you can find him moderating in our HTC Rezound forums using the link down below.

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. Am using a Desire HD and I got the extra space just not long ago :-

    Hi xxx xxxx,

    Congrats on becoming a Dropbox Guru!
    We’ve awarded you 3GB of bonus space for the next 12 months! You now
    have 6.51GB on Dropbox. To get even more space, check out our upgrade options.

    Thanks again for supercharging your HTC phone with Dropbox!


    – The Dropbox Team

    do note the wording “next 12 months!” …

  2. I did this with my Sensation with a sense 3.5 Rom and received my email giving me the extra 3GB (and confirmed on the website). But a couple weeks later after logging into place some files on my dropbox it says I’m back to the 2GB limit.

  3. Is 3GB of storage for only 1 year really that big of a deal?  Seems like a great way for them to suck you into paying a subscription after that year runs out as hardly anybody will be able to upgrade phones that quickly…

    1. I’m constantly shifting things between my pc, my phone & my xoom. Having the extra space is handy. Movie files run to the large side (Avatar was 2.5 gigs) — the extra space lets you have items permanently and still have room to move transitory items.

  4. I got the space a month ago with my Inc2 running the Runnymeade rom.

    1. Is that a newer version of sense on that?

  5. Did NOT work with my original HTC Incredible :-(

  6. I got the extra on my Inspire, with an existing dropbox account.  Just signed on to the webpage one day and it was there.

    1. meh, already got 6.xx gigs on it anyway

  7. Hmm probally need to go to a stock rom ( or one based on htc at least) to even try to get it. However, doesn’t seem worthwhile for only a year. I am already at 6GB because of getting people to sign up and being a student.

    1. The student referrals are the best. I was at 18.75 (yes you saw that right, lol) when I got the 3gigs through HTC.

      1. Being a student is the best. All shorts of shit for free or cheaper. Makes me want to never stop being a student lol

  8. I personally couldn’t live without my dropbox, lol. This was a nice little bonus but IMO they should let you keep the 3gigs permanently

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