HTC Rezound Ad Airs Ahead Of Monday Launch


The HTC Rezound launches on Verizon Wireless tomorrow, joining the Motorola Droid RAZR as elite Android phones on the carrier. Soon after, they should be joined by the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We’ve already published our Droid RAZR review, plan on providing our Rezound review on Monday, and when the Galaxy Nexus enters the fold that’ll be a trifecta of top-of-the-line Android of which to choose for Big Red customers.

Audiophiles may want to go with Rezound as the newest commercial suggests.

The entire list of specs is solid – 4.3-inch HD screen, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8MP camera, etc – but what sets the Rezound apart is the Beats audio integration. It comes with Dr. Dre’s signature headphones, has the audio tweaked to perfection, and provides a solid equalizer and audio adjustment app so you can get the sounds, music, and entertainment just the way you like them.

Something to consider when you’re picking between the three this holiday season.

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  1. Seriously? “Yo, I’m on my way.” What a terrible commercial. I guess it’s supposed to be a phone for punk kids.

    1. as if it being branded with beats by dre wasn’t big enough of a clue.

    2. How the fuck does  “Yo, I’m on my way” make it a punk kids phone? Please elaborate :)

      1. They’re marketing it to the urban kids of america. If that isn’t obvious then I don’t know what to tell you.

        1. Yeah, screw “urban” kids.  We need more phones for country rednecks and cranky old farts.

        2. whats wrong with that? how is it different than for example a truck commercial? Be it ford,dodge chevy or any other maker to have the flagship truck on a ranch towing all kinds of BS. think about how many assholes you know with a fucking truck. these ballhuggers barely put GROCERIES in the bed let alone actually fuckin haul anything of merit.

          Its the way things are so why bitch about it? You make it seem like its a bad thing. Deal with it. Our city cultures have evolved to be at this “urban” state. “slang” if you will is common place. These phones are just that phones. but who is going to be more of a potential customer? some farmer or some young dude in anytown USA walking around doing his thing?

          just cuz a guy says “yo im on my way” doesnt make him a punk. in the same respect some guy who says he drives a F150 and is from montana doesnt make him a redneck.

          thats just being a stereotypical racist ass. yes i know my spelling is fucked up. yea i know some of my thoughts on this are in a jumbled format. go ahead and attack it and try to dismantle it. im just typing from the hip here. you have already made your point known. your a racist prick who is pissed off cuz its not some white guy in suburban america with a 9-5 job at fuckin kinkos. 

          i ask you this. do YOU have a degree in marketing? im sure you do. im sure your also an 7ft  500lb MMA champ who can kick my ass and  has over 100 years of experience in any field EVER. this is after all the internet. 

    3. Hey, there are some dang kids on your lawn, you better go yell at them!! XD

  2. Picked up the phone yesterday…….what a great phone!

    1.  I saw it yesterday at BB.  Looks like a decent phone.  Having had other HTC phones in the past, it proved to me that Sense really needs a dual core proc to shine.  I’ve never seen Sense actually work that smoothly before.  It sucks on my Incredible.

      The one thing I’d really like to know is why BB charges so much off contract.  Their price $150 more ($799) than what Verizon sells it for ($649).  I just got a deer in the headlights stare when I brought it up to them.  BB has been hit or miss with its willingness to match Verizon’s price.

  3. Inception?

    1. I’m obsessed with that movie!

      1. it’s a phone… within an mp3 player… within a dream.

    2. Was going to say the same thing

  4. Headphones are a way better marketing gimmick than those annoying “chirp” phones that were popular among the urban youth a few years back.

    Still going G’Nex here though.

    1. I’m still kinda on the fence.  Sure the GN will provide excellent support OS wise compared to other phones…but some of the hardware on this one is pulling me away.  Like the SD card slot and the 342 ppi.

      I always thought the iPhone’s screen was amazing, and the screen on the Rez is even more dense…that’s gotta say something.

      1. I agree, I also hate the idea of no capacitive touch buttons.

        WIth the GN, you basically lose 100 pixels or so to render the buttons…. with this, you get the full 1280.

        Unlock the bootloader, HTC!!!!!!!!

  5. It’s just beats audio, not beats by dre, first off.  Second of all, just because the kid used urban slang doesn’t mean its for “punk kids”…. douche.

  6. Either we have Phandroid on Sunday, or its Monday and I unintentionally played hooky from work…either way: Wooohoo!! =-O

  7. I’d really prefer this over the Galaxy Nexus, but, the inevitable locked bootloader and slow support from HTC means its Nexus for me from now on.

    1. its already been rooted and so far 1 rom just about finished.

      1. So it’s got an unlocked bootloader?  If we could get stock ICS on this thing before the end of the year I’d be stoked.

      2. Rooted, no unlocked bootloader…..yet

        You’ll get ICS, but probably nothing further and no custom kernels either if the bootloader stays locked.

  8. I’m just surprised you guys posted on a weekend!

  9. What happened to HTC’s pledge of unlocked bootloaders on all new/future phones?

  10. HTC: I think I did a pretty good job. What you think Dr. Dre?

    Dr. Dre: just chill, til the next episode

    HTC: ???

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