Nov 10th, 2011

No doubt feeling the heat from Nvidia with their announcement of the beastly quad-core Tegra 3 processor, ARM decided to make a little announcement of their own in the form of the upcoming Mali-T658 GPU. The new T658 boasts 4 times the power of the the T604 which happens to be still in production and 10 times the computing power of the Mali-T400 GPU, currently found inside Samsung’s Exynos processors and powering the Galaxy S II line of smartphones.

While no specific devices have been mentioned, some of the bigger OEM’s like Samsung, LG and Fujitsu have already signed on for the next, next generation Mali, with ARM promising to deliver PS3 quality gaming. Well, that and the resurrection of the Power Glove if ARM’s promo video is any indication. Remember, kids — ARM does processors, not promotional videos.

Console quality graphics is something we are just now beginning to see manifest themselves in devices featuring Nvidia’s 12-core GPU Tegra 3 processors. Of course, by the time ARM is ready to deliver on the Mali-T658 I’m sure we’ll be seeing a 36-core GPU from Nvidia at the rate they’re moving.

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