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Every day we peruse the Android Market looking for the best, worst, interesting, and most unique apps in an effort to sift out a few gems. We call it Apps of the Day. We can’t guarantee that every app featured below is a real winner, but each is worth at least a quick look. It’s all in an effort to help you, our faithful readers, get the most out of your Android handsets. Read on to see what we found today!

Writepad – The company behind handwriting recognition app WritePad just updated their app and it now supports print, cursive, or mixed writing on phones, tablets, and stylus-enabled Android devices in addition to improving their overall recognition capabilities. I can see where this might come in handy on a tablet, especially within the framework of specific apps or tasks, but I’m not so sure I want to be writing on a phone. Anyone with me? Of course I’m not a Swype fan either… [Market Link]

Sim City Deluxe – Sim City on my Android phone? It’s more likely than you think. EA released this mobile edition of the popular city-building franchise today. It isn’t as full-fledged as its PC counterpart, but the same basic concepts still apply as you build and manipulate your city. The game plays out in scenarios that see you taking the reigns of several pre-established cities. You can further grow the city and add your own touch with real-life landmarks. Just go easy on the earthquakes and alien invasions. [Market Link]

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  1. 4.99? Umm no, should be better than sim city 2000 that was on playstation 1!

  2. Oh man. Ever since moving to Worcester for school, I’ve been seeing constructions everywhere. From Malls to train stations to new schools and really, everything in between, I’ve been wanting to play SimCity on my phone! 

    I’m glad it’s finally here, but I’ve cooled down a bit (Thanks Game Dev Story, Smurf Village!), so I’ll wait until they mark it down to $0.99 for Black Friday or something.

  3. Hive Player? Honeycomb music player with scrollable widget? Though Sim City sounds good…but I agree 4.99 is a bit steep…

  4. I’d love a port of the original Sim City. I’ve played them all on the computer and the classic version is still the best. Even better if it’s the Nintendo version. I still crank that up in the emulator every once in a while.

  5. I love swype, I never use any other keyboard. but that handwriting software looks lame even to me. there’s no way it could match the speed of swype and it’s probably more error prone, a lot of people have really atrocious handwriting. 

    I already installed sim city, I don’t care if it’s somewhat retro I liked the older sim city games better so it’s perfect from my perspective, this is on a phone afterall, phone games are always simpler than console games

  6. Sim City not compatible with Nexus S or Transformer….wtf?

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