Princess Punt Now Available For Android – Crazy Japanese RPG Meets Angry Birds


I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that this totally epic and amazing app I found today on the Market is for everybody — it’s not. But if you’re accustomed to Japanese anime, love RPG’s and don’t mind assuming the role of a princess, then Princess Punt is probably for you. Don’t let the name fool you. The game isn’t all cutesy flowers and sugar blossoms. You take the role of a princess who must punt knights and save her kingdom from the onslaught of monster trying to take over the land.

The developer describes Princess Punt as an “action puzzle RPG but lets be honest — we’re talking Angry Birds meets J-RPG. As the princess, you must angle shots and punt knights into enemies to destroy them. You can inflict more damage by attacking weak points and at the end of a level, the experience you gain can be spent to upgrade your knights’ abilities. In typical RPG fashion, you’ll even occasionally encounter boss battles that look to challenge your skills.

Princess Punt comes in two different versions. A regular version for most Android devices and an “enhanced” THD version for devices with Nvidia Tegra 2 processors. You can find both version of Princess Punt for FREE in the Android Market via the links below.

[Market Link: All Devices | Tegra Devices]

Chris Chavez
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  1. How much were you payed to write about this game? I cant imagine that you wanted to…

    JK…sort of

    1. You have no idea the kinda sick ish I’m into… o_O

      1. With a name like “Chris Chavez” I can imagine… 

        (JK! :-P) 

    2. Dude try this game it is realy good

    3. Why? It’s fun. Or are you one of those guys who can’t bear to do anything that isn’t super macho and manly because it threatens your image? Just enjoy the game.

  2. This game looks really fun and entertaining! Must try



  4. To be perfectly honest I always felt like angry birds was missing a little something, and this game has it.  Boss fights, damage, much more interactivity.  Downloading now!

  5. Bwaa haa haa haa! ROTF LMAO! The Japanese just aint right! And I mean that in the good way!

  6. She reminds me a lot of Mario’s Princess Peach (except Peach doesn’t play sports in her usual pink dress):

  7. looks like fun. I’ll be testing it out soon!

  8. Must buy android… N O W

  9. I tried this and there are just too many load screens. Any choice you make, you get a new load screen. Simply put, it just isn’t for me.

  10. I downloaded it and installed it on my Galaxy tab 10.1, but it keeps crashing. Anyone else have the same issue? let me know…thanks

    1. I don’t have the Galaxy Tab; works well with my TPT though. :) Did you download the THD version?

  11. Just giving this game a try and my son loves it.
    Looks great on a rooted Tegra 2 Vega running Vegacomb :D

  12. OMG this looks pretty epic

  13. Just downloaded and this game is pretty awesome. Like the visuals

  14. Works on stock Samsung 10.1 wi-fi here. Interesting take on angry birds.

  15. “Princess Punt is probably for you. Don’t let the name fool you.” well written.


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