What Happens When Android and iOS Users Join Together? They Make Beautiful Music Together


Seeing how we’re nearing the holiday season, a time of good cheer and all that — I thought I’d tell you guys about a project looking to unite Android and iOS users all around the world for one day through music. The project is called Massive Symphony and through the use of their 111111 app, they’re attempting to create the “largest orchestra in the world.” The way it works is you download their free app (Android or iOS) and on November 11th (11/11/11) at 11:11 (GMT+1), your device will begin playing music, along with everyone else who downloaded the app, essentially creating the worlds “largest orchestra.”

Music from the app will continue playing each hour up until 10:11 so that “every time zone on Earth is able to join the great symphony.” Once the music is finished, you can view a map of all the people all over the planet who helped join in on the world symphony. I have to admit, while it’s a fun idea I don’t know if I buy into this whole “change the world through music” stuff and but I’m just an old Scrooge. Either way, I’ll be giving it a shot. Let’s just hope the music in question isn’t that gawd awful dubstep all the kids are listening to nowadays.

[Market Link]

[MassiveSymphony.Org via Wired]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Dubstep is awsome.

    1. Agree. Crude and brutal, but man it works! ;)

  2. Let’s see how many get rick rolled on this one…

      1. Now THAT would be awesome Chris! Imagine someone could rick roll’ apple and android users!!!

        1. Not just Apple and Android users.  Apple and Android users the world over…simultaneously.

        2. Worlds smartest troll

  3. Umm, just scanned this on Motorola Atrix on AT&T, and it said “not found”.  Does anyone have the APK?

    1. I linked it in my post. I’ll make it more visible though. Here you go, Alex! :)

  4. Dubstep sux…

  5. App doesn’t work on Droid Bionic…… Gonna try on my Razr or Galaxy Nexus when I get them..

    1. you won’t have your galaxy nexus in time

      1. stop being a debby downer, it will happen

  6. Would that be at 7:11:11 EST?

  7. Fuck music, ima play skyrim

  8. ya but our android phones will load it faster than the iphones.

  9. I’m one of the developers of the project. Let me just say that the clocks in Android phones are unreliable. So we take UTC time from atomic clocks and convolute them in a non-trivial way to have a good precision. Android, as compare to the rest of operating systems, is a wonderful place to program! 

    1. Do you plan on muting this in Canada at 11am when we are having our moment of silence for Veterans?

  10. Force closes on amoled Dinc. running CM7.

  11. So, if I understand this right, at a given time, all devices will be playing the same song. Just like radio.

  12. ” Let’s just hope the music in question isn’t that gawd awful dubstep all the kids are listening to nowadays.”

    Don’t worry. It will probably be the nyan cat song that everyone loves.

  13. it is Beethoven’s 5th symphony that will be playing, hover over step 3 on the massive symphony website and it tells you 

  14. FINALLY! Some other reasonable person who understands that Dubstep does not qualify as a type of music. Not even crap music.

  15. FINALLY! Another reasonable person who understands that Dubstep does not qualify as a type of music. Not even bad music sucks as bad as Dubstep.

  16. I’ll be holding 2 minutes silence for those who died in WWI, 11/11/11 at 11 when the war ended

  17. Dubstep is mixers. Old man.

  18. Force close on evo3d :/

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