Nov 2nd, 2011

When it comes to your smartphone, some people may find it worthwhile to sacrifice specs/features for a lower monthly bill on a cheaper carrier. If you’re sick of paying upwards to $100 to keep your Android powered device connected then you may want to take a look at Republic Wireless. These guys are looking to start a revolution in the “cell phone world” come November 8th when they offer unlimited talk, text and data — contract-free — for only $20 a month. Sounds crazy, right?

The way it works is the Republic Wireless (who’s a part of will use Android powered smartphones equipped with a  technology similar to UMA which allows for a user to make calls over WiFi networks. You may have seen something like this on certain T-Mobile devices. Once you go outside, you will use traditional cell towers from Sprint with minutes RW buys in bulk.

Don’t expect to see 4G speeds but with unlimited, uncapped data and a smaller than imaginable cell phone bill — will it really matter? While a specific device wasn’t mentioned, judging by the above image, I’m going to assume it’s some type of entry-level LG Optimus One.

What do you guys think? Would you be willing to sacrifice all your GSII’s, RAZR’s and even the SGN for a $20 monthly bill?

[Republic Wireless via TechCrunch]

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