T-Mobile Officially Announces myTouch and myTouch Q Launch Date Via Facebook


T-Mobile has officially announced the release date for their upcoming LG myTouch and myTouch Q via their Facebook page. Touting affordability and ease-of-use, both devices are set to launch on Nov. 2nd via T-Mobile.com to be followed by a nationwide Nov. 9th launch date for retail stores. Each myTouch will only cost $80 after $50 mail-in-rebate with a 2-year agreement.

[Via Facebook | T-Mobile]

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  1. Will this be a downgrade if I go from a mytouch 4g slide to this

    1. It looks like these are meant to be the “Cheap” MyTouch, while the 4G and 4G Slide are the “High-End”.

      Think Chevy Cruze vs. Chevy Impala.

  2. Take a look at the home screens and the capacitive buttons. No Google in sight. That’s the whole reason the Google search bar is baked into ICS on every screen.

    1. well, probably not specific google search engine (monopolistic reason and all), but defiantly a search bar for sure.

  3. Don’t buy LG. Remember the G2x?

  4. I normally dont want to be like the rest of the people who post and hate on a phone that they know they are not going to buy but these have got to be some of the ugliest phones I have ever scene.

    The mytouch line has grown so much and the mytouch 4g was a lovely device and this next gen looks horrible.

    I like the UI though

  5. Dat Bezel

  6. imo these phones are not worthy of the “my touch” name the mt4g n slide r much superior phones

  7. Lg sucks…and my touch is an HTC brand

    1. WRONG! Mytouch is owned by T mobile for T mobile. These two phones are an extension of the model….NOT A FOLLOW UP TO THE 4G SLIDE…!!!!
      If you are paying close attention, The Gs2 and Amaze are the flagship models now, not the mytouch series, Htc’s or Lg’s. Ian, you are probably right. Lg has yet to produce a great phone other than the Optimus line.

  8. Most of you don’t understand cell spec’s! FYI, both of these phones will be released with the 42mbps range. The qwerty version makes no sense because the screen resolution is lower, but they both will shoot 720p, but if you look closer only the Q will have a flash…..These phones won’t appeal to the power seekers but they will be fast web browsing phones…..DON’T YOU GUY’S GET IT….IF THEY PUT A FLASH ON THE NON QWERTY ONE AND SLAP A SUPER AMOLED SCREEN ON IT AND GIVE IT A GIG A RAM, IT WOULD BE ANOTHER 500 PLUS PHONE!! IF YOU ONLY WANT A FAST AND POWERFUL PHONE..EXPECT TO PAY MORE FOR IT AND STOP WHINING THAT EVERY PHONE DON’T HAVE Gs2 specs….All the variations in specs are to get either more or less money from us….don’t you get it?
    Stop acting like were dictating what we getting in any phone….we are just the consumers…they dont care what we want, as long as they can convince us why we should get the new one??? These phone will have a buyer, maybe not you, but a buyer they will have…..if all you want is the best…stop reading about midrange phones…..Go on over to Verizon and spend 150$ a month for a single line just so you have access to that bad ass nexus phone!!!

  9. They realy look’s so ugly,n fantacy.

  10. fffff stupid, tmobile go away already

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