Samsung Galaxy Note Begins Shipping To Europe In Spite Of Apple


Samsung has reportedly begun shipping out its 5.3-inch behemoth, the Galaxy Note, to Europe. In a move that is sure to get Apple’s blood boiling, the phoneblet will be arriving in Germany first. Samsung is currently appealing a temporary ban of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany. Apple has yet to mention the Galaxy Note in their legal battles against Samsung but I’m sure all that will change once the Note arrives on the scene.

The Galaxy Note features a 720p display, 1.4GHz processor, 8MP rear/2MP front facing cameras and running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Its claim to fame is its larger than life size and the inclusion of a capacitive stylus optimized for a handful of included apps. Let’s hope this arrives in the US sooner than later.

[Samsung via Electronista]

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  1. but apple has a patent on the stylus even though they don’t have one

    1. Don’t worry, they’ll invent the stylus later.

      1. OMG it all makes sense now! Apple invents things in the future, other companies steal the ideas, use a future time traveling telegraph to let people in the past know about it, use those ideas in the present and THEN we find out that it was Apple that had invented it all along!

    2. they wish they did more like it

  2. All I know is that I want this to come over here ASAP! I don’t care if it doesn’t have ICS. All I care is that it gets here. Please come here before the holidays….pleeeaasssseeeee.

  3. I’ve bought one from the Netherlands. Could have got one from Germany but I wasn’t sure if I could set English as the language. According to Bol.com it arrives around November 8.

    Oh, and here’s a comparison photo of the Note (right) with the Galaxy S II (left);

  4. Nice. I just don’t like the trackpad thingie, and while I love phones with big screens, i just think it might be a little too big for my hands… O_o


  6. Hey does anyone know to what career its going to be on when it hits the us?????

    1. It hit the FCC with AT&T/Canadian/world bands. But that’s most likely not for an official US release. We’ll have to seeeeeee..

      1. wouldn’t any of you buy unlocked from an overseas store??

    2. I’m sure no matter what Career it chooses, its parent’s will be disappointed it didn’t become a lawyer

  7. US… + SPRINT….

    but who am i kidding, sprint will never get glamourous devices anymore.

    1. I think you’re talking about T-Mobile o_O

  8. come on guys, don’t you know Steve Jobs invented the phone shaped like a square! Thats Apple IP you’re stealing!!

    1. Uh oh that thing has rounded corners. Also invented by Apple, so better retain a good lawyer.

  9. Jesus, its big!
    oooh wait, that’s what my wife keeps telling me…

    1. so she’s finally let you know about me? About time.

  10. Here is how u eat the apple.Release, release and continue to release….galaxy tab 10.1, galaxy s II, galaxy nexus, galaxy note and whatever future galaxy is out there.

  11. Once again….”EFF YOU AMERICA!” We’ll see it last ala SGSII.

    1. There is too much bureaucracy and BS when dealing with US and their monopolized carriers. It’s not the Hardware manufacturer’s choice. I love how Apple is the only company that can take these carriers, bend them over, and rip them a new one. Google should start a data only network with google voice integration and be done with it.

  12. Its 1280×800 , not 720p.

    1. very disappointing for such a large screen

      1. Why? 1280×800 is better than 720p. Besides, any ppi beyond around 275 is essentially meaningless. Not one bad thing has been said about this display. Also note that tablets with 10″ + have this same resolution, and no one says anything bad about them, so I don’t think anything is wrong here.

      2. lol, what tablet on the market has better resolution? i wish it had a 4K video sensor and screen as well heh.

        seriously though. the best resolution on a phone to be released yet and its disappointing!?

  13. When apple’s blood boils it becomes apple sauce.lol

  14. I’d love to see how any of these devices infringe on apple products. It’s really sad that apple continues to sue instead of innovate.

  15. Wow, Alternate.de has it already in stock;

    Auf lager = In stock

  16. Fuck APPLE & their lawsuit. They only SUE SAMSUNG cause their afraid of competetion.

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