LG Revolution Gingerbread Over-The-Air Update Rolling Out Today


Looks like the LG Revolution will be seeing a over-the-air software update rolling out sometime today. The 87.8MB update will bring the device up to software version VS910ZV7 and brings all the goodies that come along with having a Gingerbread device like improved copy/paste and all around smoother UI. The update also brings with it the usual bug fixes, adding a little more overall stability to the phone.

The roll-outs like these usually happen by region and if you don’t feel like waiting for Verizon to prompt you, it’s usually possible to pull the update yourself by jumping into your Settings and going and manually checking for a software update. Any Revolution users out there have any luck?

[Via VerizonWireless]

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  1. Over the air update. I wish Samsung would learn about that phrase. Gingerbread is available for all the SG 1 phones in Canada, but I bet not alot of people know about it because they don’t use the stupid Kies.

  2. Tampa FL not able to get update as of 3:55 PM

  3. Horray, just in time for ICS. Way to be nearly a year outdated LG. This is why I will only buy Nexus phones from now on.

    1. Well, ICS isn’t technically “out” yet — not until they release that SDK =p

    2. Granted the nexus gets updated directly by Google, the current nexus is still made by Samsung and they have yet to release their GB update for the Charge. The Thunderbolt just got their re-release of GB by HTC. The carriers and the new LTE antennas were what was holding back GB, not just LG. But its true, to be at the cutting edge you go with a Nexus; but for stability sake there obviously other things out there for everyone else. At least hopefully LG waited to get it right the first time though my GF hasn’t been able to get hers yet in NYC.

      1. Doesn’t matter if Samsung makes the Nexus. It will get it’s updates straight from Google. The Charge gets it’s updates through Samsung and Verizon because it is not a Nexus device.

        Nexus Devices are essentially developer phones and get their updates and support from Google.

        1. um, read what i wrote. k thx :P

        2. Sorry. But I had to catch a train out of the city so excuse me if that last response sounded rash. First off I do know a thing or two about nexus devices and I plan on getting another at release. I was merely pointing out the irony that samsung was one of the first manufacturers to release an lte phone and are the last to implement gb to that phone as the op was hating on lg being a year late. The fact that he brought up the nexus phones and samsung being the next manufacturer just adds to the irony. With htc just read their gb update obviously means that the issue was either with lte or verizon. But then again sammy and lg have never been timely with updates.

  4. Chicago area not able to get the update as of 3:30.

  5. Hurry up LG with 2.3.x for the Thrill!

  6. 8:45 pm here in DC. No availability yet!

  7. 9:22 PM DOWNLOADING NOW!!! Tampa FL

  8. “and all around smoother UI.”

    Only to be ruined by LGs UI overlay. I loved sense, as it only added to the Android features, but LGs is the first system i’ve ever seen take AWAY from it.

  9. Dont touch this update!! Saw close to two dozen revolutions in constant power cycle after update.

  10. Got my update on Friday at 9:oo PM. It has a new boot screen for the 4G LTE Logo, like the one that is on the Rezound. Working great so far.

  11. I’ll have to get this for Dad’s phone :)

  12. nov 11 and STILL no update recvd yet…2 wks after this post was originally put up.  SDiego.   whats is the frikkin prob with verizon?????!!!!  just sent it out alrdy.  im SOOOO gettin turned off by verizon with every phone and how they hold us hostage to their crap bloatware and unnecessary delays in software updates.  ugh!

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