$35 Aakash Android Tablet Gets Handled On Camera


Amazon’s Kindle Fire made big headlines not so much because of the features or specs it housed but more because of its lower-than-expected $200 price tag. If you thought that was cheap wait until you see the $35 Aakash Android tablet launching next month in India. The tablet was developed as a low-cost, government subsidized computing device for students.

The boys over at VentureBeat were able to get some hands-on with the device and surprisingly, had mostly good things to say about the tab. Even if you take the government subsidy out of the equation, the 7-inch Aakash tablet still comes out to a very affordable $60.

Despite the Aaskash tablet’s obvious shortcomings, there is no better example of Android’s openness and versatility than this device here. I mean, there’s no way the Indian government would be able to drop the price of iPads to $35 for their students. What do you guys think? For $60 — would or would not?

[VentureBeat via Engadget]

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  1. So this is what they did with all the processors out of heros and the Eris. Lol.

    1. does that mean I can get 20 bucks for my eris?

  2. I’ll definitely buy this and give it to my 2 year old cousin. Her eyes light up every time she plays with my GS2.

    1. Haha! My cousin too! :D

    2. She would hate it – the slow response time and resistive screen stop it from being any use to children. THinking of loading a game or two onto it for her? Don’t bother, it will run so badly that she’ll be begging your for your phone again in munutes

  3. For what it is, I think this is an amazing device. For the astounding low price of this tablet, I think they have done a tremendous job of making it actually pretty useful. It definitely adds new posibilities to tablets and hopefully helps the indian students who use them! (ebooks are cheaper then textbooks)

  4. Take one, embed it into your kitchen pantry door, running a power cable from behind, keep it on Google Calendar showing a shared calendar of all your family members. :)

  5. Come on, for 60 bucks… I would learn to code and help get CyanogenMod on that bad boy.

  6. Awful – the same as those cheap ‘ePad’ devices that are being sold on ebay for £50. I bought one to use as cheap ‘second’ device – its unusable. Takes forever to boot, totally unresponsive, too slow to handle even the built in apps. Luckily the battery only lasts an hour so you ill will run out before you have chance to smash it.

    1. sounds like the decision process you should have used in buying the epad.

  7. I purchased the Motorola Xoom (Wi-Fi) from a nearby big box electronics store, after having been tablet-less for several months. I had the original iPad for nearly a year and sold it when the iPad 2 was announced, with the intent to buy the iPad 2 when it became available. But in the intervening couple of weeks, I found I didn’t miss it, so I never bothered. Then, last week, I started getting tablet fever again, but I decided to stick with the Android-based offerings.

  8. They didn’t even bother to remove the Messaging app.

  9. For poor kids in rural areas, it’ll work just fine. But do they have wifi?

    I ain’t buying it. Me and Kindle Fire for the win. A pure media device.

  10. You cant buy sterlized Dog Poop for this price in the states…People forget this is for students and not for someone who is use to walking around with ipods and ipads and iphones…For the price, the purpose and the intended target audience you cant beat it..Good for the kids who are getting them.

    1. I’m not a big fan of sterlized dog poop, it just doesn’t serve a purpose. So how do you use it, as facial cream?

  11. i think india here is progressing, which is good, and people here who have seen i7 extreme broadly would hate this, but when they use to play atari and nintendo what was there intend-to-do slow ? it was hapiness besides how much Slow it was still responsive, so i mean the people in tribal areas who have no knowledge of, this is a most effective way of Sharing medium and ideas and make world a more productive place

  12. for those overgrown kids who dont want to buy, its not for you… its for kids in India… stay away!. By the way adults in India already have Droids and iPhones

  13. It looks like android 2.2

  14. This is a perfect tablet for the underprivileged kids in India, not for all of us snobs here in the US. I’m actually thinking of trying to get one just to use it as a digital photo frame or load it up with some movies for my kids. $60 is a great price. I still have my rooted NookColor for actual tablet use.

    And “Ammy”, what the hell is your post for?

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