Oct 26th, 2011

If you’re thinking your Android device could use a little more Ice Cream Sandwich, I’m right there with ya. Thankfully, WidgetLocker was updated in the Android Market to version 2.2.1. Along with the usual bugfixes came the addition of an Android 4.0 style lockscreen, giving that finishing touch to whatever ICS theme you may currently be running.

Alright, perhaps Honeycomb or Sense is more you’re style? WidgetLocker features custom lockscreens from all your favorite UI’s — even if they only thing you liked about them was their lockscreens. The WL lockscreen is fully customizable as well, giving you the ability to add widgets, resize them or mix and match sliders from the different Android UI’s.

Must-have, bees-knees, constantly updated — these are all words that come to mind when I think about WidgetLocker. Whether you’re using a Android phone or tablet, you can download WidgetLocker right now from the Android Market for a measly $3.

[Market Link]