T-Mobile Announces Samsung Exhibit II 4G (Galaxy W) For $200 Off Contract


The original Samsung Exhibit 4G is barely a few months old but T-Mobile is getting ready for the upcoming holiday season with the announcement of the all new Samsung Exhibit II 4G for their network. The Exhibit II 4G is essentially one of Samsung’s Galaxy W tired devices and features a 3.7-inch 800×480 LCD display, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3MP rear camera, front facing camera for video chat, Android 2.3 Gingerbread and of course, running on T-Mobile’s uber-fast 4G network.

The Exhibit II 4G will be available via T-Mobile’s website and stores on November 2nd, with WalMart stores offering the device a few days early starting Oct. 27th. The Exhibit II 4G will be $30 after $50 mail-in-rebate and a 2 year agreement or $200 straight up with no contract. You can check out the full press release below.

T-Mobile Introduces the Samsung Exhibit II 4G


An affordable 4G smartphone with rich entertainment features, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G will be available via no annual contract and two-year contract options beginning Oct. 27.


BELLEVUE, Wash. and DALLAS  — Oct. 26, 2011 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S. 1, today announced the availability of the latest budget-friendly, feature-rich 4G smartphone: the Samsung Exhibit II 4G. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G will be the first no annual contract 4G smartphone to be sold at most Walmart stores, available starting Oct. 27. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G is also planned for nationwide availability with no annual contract plans as well as two-year contract plans starting Nov. 2.


“T-Mobile offers a variety of low-cost service plans that, paired with America’s largest 4G network, provide a compelling reason for consumers to step up to the benefits of 4G smartphones,” said Andrew Morrison, vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “The Samsung Exhibit II 4G is the perfect device for consumers desiring a smartphone with  robust 4G entertainment and Web browsing experiences – at a price they can afford.”


Featuring a 3.7-inch WVGA TFT touchscreen and a 1 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon processor, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G provides a variety of entertainment capabilities and Web browsing experiences on America’s largest 4G network®. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G offers access to thousands of popular TV shows and movies through T-Mobile® TV in mobile HD and Samsung Media Hub.  Powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the device features some of Google’s most popular applications and services such as Google Maps and Gmail, plus thousands of others via Android Market.


Offered in a stylish marine blue color, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G makes it easy to share and take photos and videos via its 3-megapixel rear-facing camera with flash and video capture capabilities. The front-facing camera also makes it easy to connect with friends and family via video chat through T-Mobile’s 4G network or Wi-Fi. Additionally, the device enables consumers to organize personal and business email accounts, as well as sync with Microsoft® Exchange and Google calendar and contacts.



The Samsung Exhibit II 4G, exclusively from T-Mobile, will be available at most Walmart stores starting Oct. 27 and is planned to be available nationwide at T-Mobile retail stores, online via www.T-Mobile.com and at select dealers beginning Nov. 2. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G will be offered through no annual contract and two-year contract plan options, and is expected to cost $29.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate card with a two-year service agreement and qualifying Classic voice and data plan, and $199.99 via no annual contract.


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  1. What does it mean by no annual contract?
    Is that like full retail price or something that I can use as media player without service (like an iPod)? =/

    1. It means you don’t have to sign a contract. You can just buy it for $200 and do whatever you want with it. Even use it like an iPod =p

      1. Yay!
        Thanks for your magical awesomeness, Chris! ^^

    2. I pay Tmo $49 a month to run my off-contract G1 on their network (‘Unlimited’ Android data, No SMS). These plans are hard-to-find, but generally $20 per mo cheaper than if you are ‘leasing’ a Tmo phone on the account..

    3. Or you can do their no contract plan so for $50 you can unlimited talk/text/web with first 100 mb at 4G speeds; or for $60get up to 2gb at 4G…or even do a $30 plan that gives you 1500 min/txt with 30mb of data…or this probably would work with the walmart 100 min.unlimited data plan…as well as the pay per day plan or pay as you go – so options that are cheaper than contract plan rates

  2. Fail

    1. How’s it a fail? Great midrange android phone on the cheap.

  3. I’m definitely gonna get my hands on this one!

  4. Keep in mind this is a phone that works with T-Mobile’s 4G network, that is being sold at WalMart, to take full advantage of their 30.00 unlimited web and text plan, which gives you 5GB at 4G speed before throttling. Previous phones available there are 3G only, the only Android of which is the Samsung Dart, which sucks. This is going to be a great little phone for 200

    1. Yeah; I thought T-Mobile would just offer something like the Exhibit I for $200. This is even better! :D

      EDIT: Wait, I thought the Exhibit II had a 1.4GHZ processor or something. Are you sure it’s a 1GHZ?

  5. no amoled screen?

  6. Yo dawg, I heard you liked the first Samsung Xzibit so we made another one so you can google while you google.

    Sorry that’s the best I got.

  7. I just won this phone for free.  I was going to get an iPhone cuz I have a Mac but part of me wanted to wait till the next gen iPhone because I think it might be 4G LTE and if I get one now, I wouldn’t be available for an upgrade.  Is t his Exhibit 2 a good decent phone?  I didn’t want to buy a new phone on Tmobile cuz honestly who knows what is going to happen to them with the whole merger stuff?  If you’re not on a contract, no one has to honor your plan prices or features…and who knows if this $200 phone would work with the new merged company – esp as there are rumors that prepaid might go to MetroPCS instead of ATT

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