Puzzle Quest 2 From Namco Is Now Available In The Android Market


It may not have the glitz and flash of Shadowgun, but one of my all time favorite handheld/console games is finally available in the Android Market — Puzzle Quest 2 from Namco. As my Twitter handle would suggest (@Gamercore), I’m pretty big on gaming. I’d also be lying if I said puzzle games really get my engine roaring. But make no mistake, Puzzle Quest 2 is not your typical puzzle game.

In fact, Puzzle Quest 2 could is equal parts RPG thanks to it’s story mode, character customization, spells, weapons, pretty much the whole nine. You start out choosing 4 different classes (in either gender) and battle opponents using a Bejeweled-style puzzle elements of matching 3 colors that supply various effects. Matching skulls will allow you to dish out an attack while the other colors are related to your characters magic.

Puzzle Quest 2 supports just about any Android screen resolution from 800×480 on up (even tablets) and requires users to have an SD card on their device for the mandatory 270MB download of additional resources.

The game is absolutely free to download but like most titles of this caliber, you’ll have to fork up $5 to unlock the full content (I paid around $15 for this on my Xbox). Reading through the Market comments, I’m noticing a few force closes and bugs on some devices so definitely give it a thorough testing before shelling out any cash. You can find find Puzzle Quest 2 in the Android Market right now.

[Market Link via DroidGamers]

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  1. didn’t work on my 3VO

    1. It worked on mine it was just acting up. Had to kill it and reopen and some screens were all glitchy. Send an email to the developers. That usually helps =)

  2. Lots of force closes on my Evo3D. Also, if it force closes and you go right back into the game, the graphics get messed up and it lags badly. Go to Manage Apps, Running, and kill the Puzzle Quest 2 process, and it will work again until the next force close. Game looks and plays great. Just need to fix the force closes.

    1. Yeah, I’ve already left my comment in the Market. Seems like something that could be easily fixed in a future update. Great game though! :D

  3. It works pretty good on my Nexus s, its a little laggy but no Force Closes

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