Oct 25th, 2011

Chillingo has been publishing some of the iPhone’s and iPad’s biggest, mega-hit applications and they’re finally looking to bring some of that good ‘ol fun to the Android Market. Chillingo Co-General Manager Chris Byatte said in a statement,

“Android’s install base is steadily rising and we are working with our talented indie developers to bring fun, entertaining titles to this expanding platform,”

With new Android devices popping up every other day, you’re darn right we’re expanding. Chillingo currently has a few Android titles in the Market like Spider Jack, Office Gamebox and plans to bring another 5 in the coming weeks. You can look forward to future Chillingo titles like My Vampire Boyfriend with more games that include:

Roll in the Hole

Contre Jour

Little Lost Chick

Parking Mania

Chillingo was recently acquired by Electronic Arts EA back in 2010 and now works inside EA Mobile. This new Android push may have a little something to do with EA’s attempts at tapping the booming mobile gaming market.

[Via IGN]