T-Mobile Notifies Employees Of Another “All Hands Day” Coming November 19th


T-Mobile is getting their employees prepped for another one of their famous “All Hands Day” sales on November 19th. The memo was sent out to T-Mobile managers letting them know that something big will be happening on that day requiring them to schedule “all hands on deck” or in other words, as many employees as possible for that date.

“To continue to make the latest wireless internet services accessible and even more affordable, and to support T-Mobile customer needs during an anticipated high-volume day, retail store managers need to schedule November 19th as an all-hands day.”

With all of the Android heavy hitters for the year all but released on T-Mobile, we can only speculate as to what T-Mo has in store. Ginormous discount sale? Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Cake? One thing is for certain, let your friends and family know that if they’re looking to switch or upgrade, they may want hold off until Nov. 19th.

[Via TMoNews]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Nexus? So much for that Verizon exclusive, if this is for the Nexus. Chris thanks for the late evening post. I’m usually bored around this time, and every night I look forward to finding something to read on here.

    1. It was only Verizon exclusive for a short while love how people thought that meant forever. People believe anything tech sites say without doing research.

      1. What do you mean it was only Verizon exclusive? The phone isn’t even out yet. Hasn’t been announced for other carriers (US) yet although I’m sure other carriers will be receiving it.

        1. Meaning when it first launches it will be on only verizon for a time period(who knows exactly how long)

      2. And I love how people read what they want to in someone else’s comment. Did my comment say anything about a permanent exclusive to Verizon? That would be a big fat NO.

        1. Never said yours in particular, various sites and others complained it was verizon exclusive. Don’t get your panties in a bunch

          1. Lol, no bunching going on here. Yes there was quite a bit of assuming going on. I know you can’t get the sarcasm through a post, but mine was, because I was one that really never believed that would happen. And even if it did, it might be 30 days.

    2. It’s more than likely just another phone sale but for those who were looking at the GSII or Amaze will probably get those phones for a big discount.

      Verizon was SUPPOSED to have the exclusive but maybe they did something to screw that up. Who knows. They still might have the exclusive but it could be only for a few weeks or something. Who knows =p

      Either way T-Mo and AT&T will see the SGN in some form thanks to the international version =)

  2. Maybe they are finally getting the iPhone lmao.

  3. Must….not…get….hopes…up..for..nexus..release.only…to…be…let..down…YET AGAIN…by…Tmobile.

  4. Wow all 50 remaining employees have to get ready for this huge event. I feel for them.

  5. Ok I really hope this is for the release of the GN on Tmobile

  6. Man, i really want it to be the Nexus, but its unlikely. Last few “all hands days” were phone sales not phone launches. I like how people are speculating that it is in fact the Nexus when there is no evidence to back it up. I do sooooooooo want it to be the Nexus though.

  7. maybe they’re selling iphone 4s on T-mobile Edge network!!

  8. Nope. Its gonna be the tablets they are coming our with someone no nexus ob tmo

  9. OR…..it could be a crappy way of handing out pink slips after they announce the merger with AT&T

  10. if that means VZW has a 9 day exclusive then that’s an exclusive I can live with.

    1. November 10 might not even be the release date could be preorder day

  11. Like Tom told Hellen, ain;t no tellin’. But I hope it’s the Nexus.

  12. Google would never let Verizon get the exclusive. That would be un-nexus like. I think people were just hoping for nexus love so bad for Verizon that google had to give Verizon a sniff because they never had a nexus phone. Especially with the other nexus phones on T-mo google would not want to alienate those of us.

    1. “un-nexus like”? Both nexus devices when launched were exclusive to one carrier in the US…

      1. Not on purpose though. There were plans to have the Nexus One on all carriers that fell through. I’m sure Google offered the Nexus S to everyone as well but after seeing the N1 flop of sales noone was interested except T-Mo (not through their retail stores of course) and Sprint (who did pretty well with theirs).

  13. Assume that this is about the US version of “T-Mobile” as opposed to all the other parts of the world. Writers should remember that some of the “Global” brands are very different in other countries.

    For instance I read that the “Samsung Galaxy Network will not work on the 3G T-Mobile network” – I believe this is only true for the US version of “T-Mobile” which uses the 1700MHz band for its 3G service in North America.

    For those of us in Europe it will work fine on our T-Mobile 3G.

  14. Maybe Tmo is announcing that they are buying vzw.

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