New Samsung Galaxy Nexus Hands-On Video Surfaces


I hate to do this to you, guys. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus event is only a few more hours away and if you don’t like spoilers then you may want to stop reading and go back from whence you came. Another hands-on video of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has surfaced on YouTube this time, showing off the boot animation, side view, back shots and some of the Ice Cream Sandwich UI.

It’s only two and half more hours ’til the main event and you really don’t wanna spoil it for yourself… do you? It’s like viewing the bride on your wedding day! While there’s not too much here we haven’t already seen, sometimes it’s nice to leave something to the imagination. Who am I kidding… Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments!

[AndroidWorld via AndroidandMe]

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  1. That was quick!

    Looks awesome!

  2. shibby

  3. drooling a little….

  4. At least the guy could have turned it so we could see it easier. jeez! lol

  5. so smooth omg i want i want/ if you didnt see the video its really smooth and fast, the buttons on the button rotate so if your phone is landscape the buttons rotate. it said android 4.0… when you go into a app the bottom buttons dissapear and i guess he hit something on the bottom to go back to home IT LOOK REALLY GOOD GUYS 2hrs left!!!!!!

    1. lol.. love the excitement

  6. Not bad, didn’t reveal much more than we already know though. Excited to see what Google’s got hidden up it’s sleeve though :D

  7. I want to have one in my hands before I pass any judgement. The boot animation is hideous, I hope the app drawer has options as I hate paginated app drawers. Of course, there are alternate launchers for that. Are updates still coming from Google, or do we all have to wait on Samsung as well?
    I hate the “Galaxy Nexus” name, I prefer Nexus Prime. I guess I’ll find out soon enough, like everyone else just what the end result is. At least they remembered the SD slot.

  8. Looks pretty coolio. Flashy [if that’s your prerogative].

    My newly acquired Samsung Galaxy S will likely be the last phone I ever need tbh [three is the charm]. And I know that it’ll never get to Android 4.0 [heck, I doubt it’ll see 2.7, officially, at this rate], but oh wells! -shrugs-

    Enjoy the show guys and gals. :D

  9. Oh HELLZ yeah!

  10. It does look tasty. It might just be me, but watching someone else slowly look at stuff at random drives me nuts. I want those people to somehow know what I want to see!

  11. Looks pretty damn great

  12. not impressed ill settle for a GS2 or wait for a 3 if its not a real HD screen

    1. you gay bro?

      1. yes…yes i am gay guys like high tech stuff too im probably smarter than u too

        1. are you saying that you’re probably smarter than me bc i’m black?

          1. I lol’d

          2. He did man, lets put on our blue bandanas and show him whats up

  13. unless this guy has some of the worlds largest hands that doesn’t look like a 4.7 inch screen

    1. Agreed…what’s up with that? I’m disappointed :( ICS looks awesome, but I wanted a 4.7 screen.

    2. Yea, i just held my Infuse… aaaand it looks a lot bigger, or my hands are just very small.

    3. First of all, I’m glad it’s not ridiculously huge like the Infuse, but it is a 4.7 inch screen. You have to factor in the aspect ratio. At 720p, it’s a pretty long screen but not too wide. It’s like how the old iPhones had a 4:3 ratio: wide screens but the screen sizes themselves were pretty small.

  14. Amazing. I need this phone

  15. Nice! Loving the blue green color.. Just wish they made the bezel on the bottom part smaller.. So what’s gonna be down there? Logo? Or just empty?

    This is nice though! :D

    1. It isn’t all Bezel but rather it is more screen with software buttons.

  16. God that baby is bright!

  17. if you put it on 480p, the screen will rotate to normal orientation

  18. RAZR or Nexus hmmmmmmm Kevlar and 7.1mm vs Curved glass and 9mm seems to be the hardest part for me.

    1. Don’t forget NFC which may be key for staying ahead of the loop. I know that I will at least give it a try and see if it is a usable form of purchasing.

    2. Are you kidding me!!! Vanilla ICS vs Motoblur Gingerbread!! qHD vs HD!! There is no comparison between the Nexus and the RAZR. Nexus all the way!!

  19. I like that the Notification Bar panel is opaque like menus on latter day TV’s.

  20. And….It’s gone. Video is now private.

  21. WTF! Comes up saying “This video is private”!

  22. its gone it says its private wtf ?

  23. It’s clear to me that the guy was somewhere where he wasn’t supposed to be. Nor did he want to let anybody know he was filming.

  24. Tried to watch, video is private for me.

  25. Wow… !!!! cant.wait for the launch… Ics loks like tron theme. Video is abit blurry though… So from the looks of it there will be no physical buttons on it…still hoping to have the led notification…

  26. Says video is private…another link please??? PLEASE!??!

  27. I’ve seen so much ambiguous, blurry-cam footage that I’m afraid when I see some actual real footage tonight I’m not going to recognize the device I’ve fallen in love with.

  28. This video been seen anywhere else? It is saying “video is private”. Wondering if its been posted elsewhere.

  29. Also, the backside says i9250, whereas we know the Verizon G-Nex is a different model number. I wonder how similar this device is to the one that will be unveiled tonight.

  30. can’t see it. It says this video is private! what does this mean?

  31. biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitchhh!! i missed it! now it’s private :(

  32. Ah crap. And… it’s private.

  33. What’s up with all the force closes?

  34. Can’t view the video, it’s said “this video is private” :-(

  35. any body else get the its private banner when trying to watch the video or is it just me?

  36. Video is marked private. =(

    Guessing somebody got a bit in a hurry to upload their video and forgot to flag it as private, probably would have gotten in trouble if they hadn’t (if they didn’t already). Oh well, we’ll be seeing plenty of it in just a couple hours or so.

  37. Looks nice! But what’s the source of this video?

  38. I copied the cached FLV file before I closed the page after viewing it and hearing it was made prive

  39. This is Yorick from Androidworld. We have a backup right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HoX8eiGarM

  40. I’m started to believe more and more this phone and the one that ends up on Verizon are gonna be completely different devices.

  41. 5mp camera is true. That sensor better rock hard for them to down-res from the widely praised galaxy s2 sensor.

    1. supposedly CMOS sensor. I am assuming others have CCD sensors.

  42. Looks fantastic, like Google’s finally added some needed polish. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  43. Video is on Engadget

  44. it’s amazing how all these leaked videos are taken with the worst cameras/optics…who’s carrying cameras from the 80s lol

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