T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Source Code Released


While Samsung may not have the best track record when it comes to updating their device’s to the latest version of Android — they don’t mess around with that source code. The T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S II found its kernel source exposed for all to see today via Samsung’s official site. Although the device only launched a few days ago, Samsung typically drops source code on or before their devices even launch. Don’t worry Samsung, we won’t hold it against you — just tell us where Gingerbread is for US GS1 devices and nobody gets hurt.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Correction here: “gets” not “get’s.”

    Thank you, Phandroid, for being awesome.

    1. You’re…..welcome? xD

      1. :D

  2. The original Galaxy S Vibrant on T-Mobile will never get official Gingerbread support. Sad but true…T-Mobile completely abandoned the device like 8 months into its release, like they do with so many of their devices.

    I should know…I have one.

    1. You poor soul :(. If you’re too afraid to take the plunge and root you should go with nexy

      1. I’ve been rooted with CM7 for awhile now. However, as good as CM works on it now, it is still not complete. Samsung has never released the proper source code for the drivers, so GPS is still screwed, and battery life is terrible because of lack of proper kernel source.

        But that wasn’t my point to begin with. My point is that I shouldn’t have to load third-party ROMs to keep my phone current. It’s an option, and a good one at that if you want to try different things and I have nothing but respect and thanks to developers who give me new software for free.

        The Vibrant is also the only original GS US variant to not see ANY Gingerbread leaks whatsoever. This is because T-Mobile abandoned it. They wanted to be the first one out with a GS device back in 2010, so they negged on a front-facing camera and HSPA+ to rush it out. Then they were seemingly unhappy with it and re-released the SAME damn phone, just with a FFC and 4G support, only 8 months afterwards. That phone has seen Gingerbread leaks and will likely, eventually, along with the other GS models, get an official update.

        So for this and other reasons, I’m done with T-Mobile, and I will be biting the bullet to end my contract early to go with either the Nexus, the RAZR, or the HTC device on Verizon.

    2. I rooted 20 minutes after i got my samsung vibrant lol. ive gone through all of the TeamWhiskey and Einherjar Dev Team releases. Rolled the CM7 nightlies for a long time and im currently rolling the CM7stable with newest HL glitch kernel. point is im not new to the block. i still would like Samsung to pony up the source code so we can finally fix the GPS. Its been fucked since day one no matter what hardware/software mod i try. Shouldnt HAVE to root to make the phone even friggin usable.i mean usable for an enthusiast.

  3. Tmobile does that for a reason. They know we love too change ROMs

  4. Does the source code include the drivers though? I know with the G2x, the devs can’t get the drivers thanks to Nvidia. Hopefully this phone isn’t going to be the same way.

    1. Nvidia did the same thing with Linux for years, sad to hear about that.. As this phone isn’t a tegra, it should have no need of nvidia drivers.

      1. I know it doesn’t need nvidia drivers, but was wondering if the source for this phone included whatever drivers this phone uses.

  5. Were’s the source code for the epic 4g

    1. And 2.3.5 for the Droid Charge…

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