Hands On: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II (Hercules)


Blogging to you live from beautiful San Diego, CA for the 2011 CTIA conference, Rob and I went hands on with the T-Mobile Galaxy S II — previously known as the Hercules — to give you our initial impressions with the device.

From all the pictures and videos I’ve seen of the Canadian version of this device, I was expecting the T-Mobile version to be much thicker than its GS2 cousins on Sprint and AT&T. Thankfully, Samsung managed to keep a slim profile on the device while adding an extra touch of class thanks to its “premium” soft-touch battery cover. This device is unique from the other GS2’s in that it is the only one out of the bunch to feature a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor. We posted a couple videos last week of the T-Mobile Galaxy S II showing off some surprisingly impressive benchmarks beating even the dual-c0re Exynos. Unfortunately, the device we manhandled didn’t have any connectivity so we weren’t able to run this device through the ringer.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is scheduled to launch tomorrow for $230 after $50 mail-in rebate and will complete T-Mobile’s “Android Holiday Onslaught.”

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Looks like a pretty awesome phone. VZW won’t carry but we will hopefully get the Prime. The wait continues for me.

    1. You will get yours as the Galaxy Prime or Droid Prime complete with Touchwiz, Ice Cream Sandwich, and verizon bloatware while everyone else gets a true Nexus device.

  2. When does the Galaxy S III come out?!? j/k…;-)

    1. For everyone around the world? Or for the U.S.? HAHAHA

    2. That would be the Nexus Prime :D

  3. will complete T-Mobile’s “Android Holiday Onslaught.”
    So no Nexus Prime before Christmas on T mobile… that blows :(

    1. It will be a world GSM phone with support for T-Mobile’s network. Don’t be blue. Only thing is — you’ll have to pay full price o_O

      1. Chris you seem like a nice guy and I appreciate the silly reply,
        but I live in the Silicon Valley and don’t have a high paying job, so I’m praying for a subsidized contract price.

        1. My job isn’t the highest paying either so I definitely feel ya there. =p

          Just wanted to make sure you knew that the phone will at least support T-Mobile’s network so there’s some hope, right? =)

          1. thanks for the heads up guys… it’s nice to know that there are people that cheer up random strangers, now back to studying for my RHCE… now filled with more support and hope!

        2. The new T-Mobile ‘Value Plans’ account for no phone subsidy anyway, you are given a cheaper rate plan in exchange. So cheaper plan + full retail phone price times 24months is cheaper than normal plan + subsidized phone times 24 months. If you buy a phone from T-Mobile directly though they will finance the full retail price on your bill across 20 months with no interest.

    2. Wouldn’t set that in stone. Just like the $”199.99″ pricing.

  4. I want it bad but my G2x for now stopped misbehaving.

  5. ..

  6. Pssshhhhhh!!!! Screw this! I’m totally waiting for the Galaxy S27

  7. Chris hey I posted this on YouTube but anyway I’m in high-school and I have to do a senior project and I was wondering if you’d be my product advisor please contact me at [email protected]

  8. I went into a T-mobile retail store last night (Manhattan NYC) and asked a sale person if they will have the SGS2 to demo tomorrow and they said that we have one now to show me. The screen display is beautiful, the screen size is… well… big. The feel.. it doesn’t feel premium as the video described. It’s too light to have a
    “premium” feel. I am a T-Mo customer as of last December and I have a HTC MyTouch and after 10 months, sadly, it’s showing it’s age (sluggish performance, and slow response). Now as a double surprise the HTC rep was in the store and had with him the Amaze 4G and that carries a “premium” feel. It’s heavier, no doubt but it feel solid in the hand. I am torn b/c I have following the SGS2 since it’s announcement in Spain @ MWC back in late January. I wish T-Mo left the size at 4.3″ I am still up in the air. Potential buyers, go to the store demo both phones, test the camera, video, sound, download quadrant and speed test, browsing, audio. I’m still up in the air.

    1. I have the Galaxy S 4g and it slowed down noticably. I did a factory reset and it fixed the issue. I had the original MyTouch and while I liked it, I have come to realize that the batter life on all HTC phones for whatever reason, stinks. My Galaxy S 4g easily gets me through the day. The galaxy S2 is supposed to be even better. THe S2’s battery compared to the Amaze is much better (meaning it lasts longer of course) I also read comparison tests between the Amaze and the Galaxy S2…The benchmark tests put the S2 way ahead of the Amaze in terms of speed even though they both have the same processor.

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