Samsung Nexus Prime (GT-I9250) Passes Through FCC With AT&T/World AND T-Mobile Bands?


As if things couldn’t get anymore confusing surrounding the impending Nexus Prime launch, the Samsung GT-I9250 has just passed through the FCC today adding a little more fuel to the “pair of Primes” debate. As you can see from the above picture, this GSM version — I9250 — is supporting AT&T/world bands and possibly T-Mobile’s as well. The filing listed T-Mobile’s 1700MHz frequency but oddly left out the 2100MHz part. 1 out of 2 ain’t bad, so that means there’s still hope!

So why is this new info so confusing? Well, according to BGR, there will only be ONE Nexus device from Samsung dubbed the “Droid Prime” (SCH-I515) and that device is rumored to be a Verizon exclusive. Couple that information with talk of 2 different sites posting “exclusives” on 2 different spec sheets and — well, we’re just all mixed up at this point.

There very well could be a Droid branded-Ice Cream Sandwich-Samsung device exclusively for Verizon, followed up by a worldwide release of a GSM version (Galaxy Nexus). Let’s hope all is revealed at some point during CTIA next week. I need a Tylenol.

[Via AndroidForums]

Update: [Added image from WirelessGoodness]

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  1. Bah so confused -_-

    1. Me too. I give up. I’ve had all the fun I can have with speculation. I need to find something else to think about until the official announcement.

      1. Well at least we know that from top to bottom it is the same as the Nexus S but from left to right it is bigger. Here are the Nexus S specs: 63mm x 123.9mm x 10.88mm

    2. It’s most likely that they meant that Verizon will be the exclusive carrier in the US for the Prime while it will still be offered overseas as well. I mean come on you guys….think about this. Why would they offer such a revolutionary phone in only ONE country and only on ONE carrier? It makes no sense.

      I will use the Chewbacca defense:

      This is Chewbacca, Chewbacca is a wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk, but Chewbacca lives on a planet Endor. Now think about that? THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

      Why would a wookiee, an 8 ft tall wookiee, want to live on Endor with a bunch of 2 ft tall ewoks? THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE

      But more importantly, you have to ask yourself what this has to do with this phone? Nothing. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

    3. Big red gets an exclusive to a lame-o bloat-ridden droid prime, whereas everyone else gets a nexus prime, and all the perks that come along with the nexus stamp ;)

  2. LTE? I don’t give a f##%! Just give me Tmo version!

    1. Well said brotha! I’m buying this for sure (42mbps support would be nice, I hope the new exynos supports its. Not a dealbreaker though)

      1. Hate to be a boner shrinker but I updated the post.

        Apparently, it needs to have both 1700MHz (yes) AND 2100MHz (no) frequencies to be compatibile with T-Mobile.

        …don’t hurt me >.<

        1. Well here’s some viagra, it could still have it. Take a look at the FCC’s report for the MyTouch 4G slide.


          It also doesn’t have any tests for the 2100Mhz frequency.
          I’m guessing that this IS more likely compatible with T-mobile than not compatible.

          1. Now I’m REALLY confused @_@

            Updated the post and left T-Mo as a possibility.

          2. That’s what i’m here for! ;)

            Was it the viagra or the other device diagnostic page? :D

          3. @micah Thanks for the viagra bro :). I assumed since it said 1900/AWS it was Headed for T-Mobile anyways

          4. Also, I have no idea why people always doublt T-Mobile. At first people speculated we wouldnt get the SGII, and now not the Nexus? We have a track record of getting the Nexus first, not AT&T or Verizon. If anything, I would be worried that Sprint wont be getting this nexus (at least, not for a while) since they released the iPhone

          5. The FCC, as a rule, does not require testing for Rx frequencies. They don’t require Rx frequencies in their reports. While most do include it anyway, it isn’t mandatory. For AWS, The Tx frequency is 1700MHz, while the Rx frequency is 2100MHz.

            So, there you go.

        2. Look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UMTS_frequency_bands#UMTS-FDD

          By AWS, they mean Band IV, which does some things at 2100 Mhz but it’s never referred to as 2100. The 2100 band used in the rest of the world is Band I

          1. Yes bro you are very much correct. Example Here.


        3. My friend told me the GSM Prime will work on both AT&T and Tmobile for voice and HSPA+ (the word I heard is penta-band). This will be truly be the GSM phone worth waiting for if you want maximum flexibility. I hope they’ll released that at the same time or shortly after the Verizon version

      2. If its showing AWS then it will work on TMobile network.

  3. Holy FCC certification Batman! This is getting ridiculous!

    It would be very wise of Google to launch one device to all carriers for once. The Nexus line has been plagued with exclusivity in a way that has damaged the overall acceptance of Android. You just never know when to get a phone because whatever you buy will be trumped by some other device on some other carrier within a month. Vertical integration via Motorola and Universal-ish (see iphone availability overseas) availability can cement Android as number one.

    Who’s idea was it to give the Nexus S Sprint exclusivity for what seemed like years anyway?

    edit- t-mo had it first. WTH happened there? Seems Sprint was the only one that gave a damn about it. I don’t even remember seeing commercials for the t-mo version….i digress.

      1. wow the Chris’s are lettin me have it! ;) yes, I’m sure he was pleased about what seemed like exclusivity since t-mo didn’t really push it.

    1. I agree. I think this is one reason apple sells so many iphones. You don’t have to worry about a new phone every month. this is getting out of hand. The nexus s came to Tmo first not sprint.

      1. good call chris thanks! i forgot it was on t-mo but it was on sprint first no?…hell are they still a carrier? just kidding…sadly i was a customer until a couple months ago.

        edit– no t-mo got it first…i stand totally corrected there…thanks

        1. HAHA YOU SO FUNNY

        2. Sprint got 4G support first for Nexus S.

      2. Folks there is only one Nexus per year and they are always ahead of the curve. Stick with the official Google phones and you don’t have to worry about all the latest crops.

        Will there be a better phone before the next Nexus? Sure, eventually, but it takes a while (heck the first Nexus is still a benchmark for apps) and envy isn’t a good reason to want less releases.

    2. “The Nexus line has been plagued with exclusivity in a way that has damaged the overall acceptance of Android.”
      Outsite of the US (where every carrier have it’s own networks frequencies) all [major] carriers share the same frequencies.
      For instance in Canada all major carriers use the AT&T frequencies and in France ALL carriers use the same frequencies.

      For sure, “one phone to rule them all” would be nice for those who travel a lot.

      1. We have three carriers in Canada who use T-Mobile’s frequencies too.

        1. Videotron only operates in Quebec, WIND and Mobilicity haven’t really expanded out of their small areas, and Rogers only uses it for LTE.

        2. “in Canada all major carriers use the AT&T frequencies”
          I’ve said all MAJOR carriers (~90% of the market) ;)

  4. More info leaks. Google should just come out and announce it and let us buy it. then again verizon will take forever.

    1. Exactly. Verizon is about to launch an ad campaign of epic proportions. I’m thinking they may finally break out that thing that inserts ads directly into your brain.

      Looks like Apple+ATT vs Google+Verizon is just heating up. I realize Big Red has the iPhone too, but we know where their heart is…how many VZW iPhone commercials have you seen in the last week? Me=none and I watch waaaay too much t.v.

      1. I hate how Verizon’s homepage is full if the new iPhone4S, though. =/

  5. Wait–if this phone really does do ATT and T-Mobile 3G bands at the same time, I’ll be ecstatic! I’ve never heard of a phone that does AWS plus regular GSM 3G at the same time. It would be so awesome to able to choose between all GSM carriers whenever I want, including the cheaper AWS carriers like Wind and Mobilicity here in Canada.

    I’m fine with multiple versions of the phone, if that means the GSM version does ALL 3G bands!

    1. All the newer nokia phones do both ATT and T-mo 3G bands.

      1. I just looked it up,and you’re right! I had no idea. But on the other hand, those are just Nokias, and kinda irrelevant to someone who wants a smartphone on a modern platform. But hopefully we’ll start seeing Androids with this capability. How great would it be to be able to switch between all possible GSM carriers?

        1. Buy them cheap, use as modem for tethering.
          I aslo wish all phone makers will follow nokia and do this…..but…sigh.

          1. The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II is quad-band HSPA+ as well.

  6. Just because it hits the FCC doesn’t mean it is meant for US release. I have been saying for weeks that we will likely get 2 versions – CDMA/LTE and a GSM world version. The only one at launch that will be a US CARRIER version will be the Verizon one.

    1. Totally agree here. Exclusive at launch, but I think Google and Sammy have realized the importance of universality, and will expand quickly to the other U.S. carriers. Well, at least ATT and Sprint.

    2. Yea except the T-Mo version would have AWS bands which makes a little more legit on being the US version

    3. You are dumb for thinking that

      1. You must be brilliant if you can determine my intelligence by only 2 sentences in an opinion on a rumor. Wow. Have a nice day and enjoy the rest of your childhood.

        1. A lot of stupidity can happen within two sentences. What was dumb of you to say was in the last sentence of your comment in regards to thinking Verizon would get a exclusive on a nexus.

          1. Unless you have and provide tangible proof that this is false and another carrier will get the Nexus at launch, then your statement was merely opinion, as was mine. It is small-minded to call someone dumb because their opinion differs from yours. That is all I have to say to you as I don’t like feeding the trolls.

    4. Isnt the FCC for america I mean its federal right?

      1. True but because they stand the potential to be imported into the US, they go through the FCC. Most phones out there hit the FCC unless they are completely not compatible with US networks (or cheap knockoffs). Most big companies play by the rules and would rather have the FCC approval sticker on there than not and risk problems.

  7. One galaxy nexus with ice cream sandwich on tmo please!


  8. Oops double post!

  9. The phone doesn’t support Tmo 3g because it doesn’t have the 2100mhz band tested on there. This is only for ATT.

    1. Yeah no 2100mhz which means no download link frequency for 3g on t-mo band

        1. I did research and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, that t-mobile will carry went through with these exact bands (without 2100).

          1. if that’s that case then that’s fantastic news :D there is hope that it will come to AWS providers up here in Canada. Thanks for the correction

    2. I see AWS. I’m new to this frequency and bands thing but isn’t that considered 1700, which is also T-Mo 3G?

    3. Yeah, I’ll update the post if true but doesn’t AWS 1700 mean… T-Mo 3G? o_O

    4. Something to note is that list only shows the Tx bands. The 2100 MHz frequency band is Rx only which is why it may not be listed. Since it does mention AWS which usually means 1700 and 2100, this may still come to T-Mobile.

  10. This is a strange combination. AWS, but no 2100? I don’t think they would take out worldwide compatibility in favor of T-Mobile would they?

  11. I wish it had LTE, but I can’t be angry at all. This is the sort of phone I’ve wanted for a year and a half since I got my Aria. I’m just glad it’ll have HSPA+ (right?)

    1. Looks like it may have HSPA+ 21, so yeah.

  12. Better stock up on that Tylenol, considering that the CTIA will no longer be going on next week.

  13. Thank jesus there is def a gsm version. It would be a huge mistake for google to limit this to vzw with so many nexus users on tmo and att

  14. Duh. This phone passed through the Bluetooth Special Interest Group with GSM antennas. As reported on Phandroid.


  15. What did I say huh? WTF did I tell you fools to think tmobile wouldn’t get one

  16. No T-mobile bands. FUCK me. I wanted this phone.

    1. It does have tmobile bands. Click on the site they link to. This makes me excited!

      1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but 1700MHz alone doesn’t mean it will work with T-Mobile. It needs to have the 2100MHz ALSO =(

        I updated my post. Sorry =/

        1. Dude, it works on T-Mobile just fine. FCC only tests Tx. Out of courtesy, most companies list the Rx frequencies, but they aren’t required to. It just so happens that the Rx frequencies aren’t listed with this phone’s documents.

        2. If you watch the video of the”prime” the phone says t-mobile on the bottom when the poster is messing with the lock screen

  17. If it doesn’t come to t-mobile, then sadly I will not get a Nexus Prime. I refuse to switch for a phone.

    1. Agreed, but I hope it comes :/

  18. soo we’re looking at a 4.65 inch device, i’m figuring by the measurements, right?

  19. I would like to share with all Italian readers the Italian version of this news. Can I post the link here?

        1. Updated post. Apparently this wont be compatible with T-Mobile USA’s network. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

          1. Apparently you have no clue. AWS=T-Mobile 1700/2100 HSPA bands.

          2. Nexus One FCC sheet:

            and it supports the AWS bands too so no worries there.

  20. Italian readers: this is the news in Italian if you want to know about this thing of two Prime and a general round-up of all the nexus-prime-mess


    Thanks Chris for allowing this link

  21. I can see 2 versions because of LTE, unfortunately I think that means VZW’s Nexus will have lowered specs because of it.

  22. Don’t be so hasty to edit your post. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 that is headed to T-Mobile had these same bands (without 2100). AWS is the HSPA+ I believe. T-Mobile still has hope!

  23. From XDA user(ibous):

    “The FCC does not need / can’t test the 2100 Mhz band as those frequencies are used for the downlink i.e. the tower is emitting and the phone is only receiving. The phone emits RF energy on the 1700 band since this frequency band is used for the uplink in the AWS-1 spec. The FCC is checking to make sure the RF emissions from the phone conform to regulations so they test 1700Mhz and don’t care about 2100Mhz as far as the phone is concerned. mmmkay? This is not a phone spec-sheet, it is simply the FCC test results.

    The phone shown on that FCC summary WILL MOST DEFINITELY support full t-mo 3G and ATT’s as well. It’s similar to many of the recent Nokia phones in that respect.”

  24. i still need to wait until 12/29th to get my hand on it :(

  25. AWS means Tmobile. Most of the time specs wil say AWS which by default usually means 1700/2100. It’s not considered seperate.

  26. This phone has AT&T and Tmobile 3G bands. 850/1900 = AT&T and AWS = Tmobile. (AWS is usually not shown as 1700 and 2100)

  27. feeling sick Chris?? My gut says its going to be at least 2 versions of Nexus

  28. Nexus One FCC sheet:

    and it supports the AWS bands too so no worries there.

  29. Isn’t it obvious as it has been since the droid prime term was used? Big red gets the bloat-ridden droid prime, everyone else gets the nexus. Plain as day.

  30. The device will be geared towards music-aficionados thanks to it’s dedicated Walkman button delivering xLOUD loudness directly into your eardrums. The device will also have accessibility to Sony’s PlayNow music store. The Live with Walkman (awkward name) will feature a 3.2-inch display, 1GHz processor, 5MP rear/VGA front facing cameras and running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The device is expected to arrive sometime towards the end of this year.

    1. Umm…… what?

  31. @Chris Chavez

    This phone will most definitely support T-Mobile 3G
    If you take a look at the Tab 10.1 for T-Mobile, that FCC sheet was set up the exact same way. It didn’t show the 2100 band. But we all know that it is working on their 3/4G.

  32. Anybody else starting to get the sinking feeling that the phone with weaker specs is going to wind up being the Verizon ‘exclusive’ and a few weeks later everybody else in the world is going to get the significantly beefed-up version? I really hope that’s not the case, but I can’t say I would be surprised at this point.

    1. Omg!! What if VZW not only gets the weaker spec device, but its loaded with bloatware AND comes out after the better phone launches on the other carriers?? Bwaahaaaahaaaaha!!! XD

  33. Even more clarification.
    The reason only the 1700 band is shown is because they are only testing the outgoing (upload) transmission which is the Tx. If they had the incoming (download) Rx band, it would most definitely show 2100.

    So rest assured that this phone will be available to work on both AT&T AND T-Mobile.

  34. The most interesting thing about this to me is the dimensions – 68 x 124mm compared to 66.1 x 125.3 of the SGS2 (Euro/A.T&T version), so if I do understand correctly the Prime is actually shorter but a little wider than the SGS2!? I wasnt sure I could get used to a 4.6″ screen but this difference doesn’t sound to bad!
    The other thing of note is that the shape seems to confirm that the device in the ICS leak is indeed this device!

  35. When they say AWS or 1700 it means it will work with T-Mobile 3G. AWS or 1700 is shorthand for the UMTS frequency band which uses 1710–1755 for uplink and 2110–2155 for downlink.

    In the same way we say 850 for AT&T, where 850 (also known as CLR) is the UMTS band which uses 824 – 849 for uplink and 869 – 894 for downlink. AT&T’s other band, 1900 (or PCS) uses 1850–1910 for uplink and 1930–1990 for downlink, but you will never see it written as 1800/1900, only 1900.

    When you see 2100 written it refers to the IMT band, which is used primarily in Europe, and uses 1920–1980 for uplink and 2110–2170 for downlink. However, even though it uses frequencies in the 1900 range for uplink, you will always see it referred to as 2100 (or very occasionally IMT) and never 1900/2100.

    Calling AWS 1700/2100 is a lazy (and incorrect) habit North Americans seemed to have picked up. It likely comes from seeing T-Mobile phones listed as 900/1700/2100. In that case, the 900 is for Asian roaming and the 2100 for Europe. Since AT&T uses two different, separate bands for 3G, people assumed that T-Mobile’s band needed a slash and a second number too, and 2100 fit nicely. Unfortunately, it’s wrong.

    The lack of 2100 listed on this phone means one of two things. Either the FCC never tested 2100, or the phone doesn’t have it and thus can’t roam on 3G in Europe. However, as it only lists 850 and 1900 as it’s 2G bands (which are the only two used in North America) and I don’t know if anyone even makes dual-band GSM radios anymore, I pretty much guarantee that means they are only testing North American frequencies, and thus those are the only ones being listed.

    Either way, I guarantee this phone works on T-Mobile 3G, as well as any other HSPA provider deployed on AWS.

  36. Currently the Galaxy Note http://tiny.cc/59dm4 is the most interesting and desired phone by Samsung

  37. I’m selling my Thrill if at&t releases a Droid prime

    1. Just so you know Droid brand is a VZW exclusive. Now, the Nexus Prime may come to ATT and that will be the phone you want. :)

    2. Most likely to be dubbed the Galaxy Nexus by AT&T.

  38. im going to be so fucking pissed if verizon gets a fucking bloatware prime because then it wont be a fucking nexus phone at all

    1. Thats most likely the case

  39. Bring it to Tmo!!!!!!! I don’t care if the gs2 with snapdragon has 42mbps. I barely get 5mbps.

  40. did i miss something? where’s the guarantee that this model (GT-I9250) is the nexus prime/galaxy nexus??

    1. No guarantee, but the model number has been rumored to be associated with a Prime for some time now.

  41. If its ture ill be buying the nexus prime & get rid of my Atrix.

  42. I really hope Verizon doesn’t disappoint me with bloat on this. Hopefully it will be all Nexus with LTE

  43. Oh man if I could get this thing for T-Mobile, I would buy it full price today!!!!!!

  44. Am i an idiot for still being torn between this and the GS2 i mean that is if the GS2 gets the ICS update otherwise ill hold out for this considering im on sprint not due for an upgrade and sprint more than likely will be the last to get the Nexus since picking up the iphone and techincally being the first US carrier with the GS2 ( technically because a carrier in alaska released it a little bit before sprint) but still 2 amazing devices i wont be dissatisfied with the S2 if samsung steps up the updating process still no gingerbread on my OG epic….yea its OG to me now

    1. If you want ICS now, get the Prime. To get it on GSII, will be quite some time.

  45. Seems like it is about the same size as a nexus s physically. It’s about 3mm wider on each side, and the same length.

  46. I swear if Verizon doesn’t release this phone I’m leaving it.

  47. i like how bgr doesn’t even consider this newsworthy, didnt bother posting it… man, I am never going to them for android “exclusives” or trusting them with anything android!

  48. Here’s Engadget’s article about the 1.5 Ghz Exynos processor http://goo.gl/NQMG6

  49. There is no way that Google wil ever forget the Network that put the Android freight train on the map. T-Mobile was the only Network that had the balls to support a new and unheard of platform. Google will be giving T-Mobile the Nexus Prime. I am a T-Mobile loyal customer for years, I also have a Thunderbolt with Verizon. I would bet my home that T-Mobile is a Nexus Prime dealer.

  50. I hope not.. I love to hear the whining from Tfumble fans

  51. How wrong was BGR on the iPhone? They were the ones saying Sprint gets the iPhone 5 evclusively. I’ve questioned this whole VZW gets the Prime first thing from the start. Just because they balked on the GSII doesn’t mean crap. Why any OEM or Google would do an exclusive with any carrier is beyond me. Give it to one carrier for just a two week exclusive and you’ll find that most people change their mind more than they change their underwear.

  52. Um…? I betta get my 4G. I don’t want no smart phone with 2G only.

    And isn’t the Droid Incredible the Verizon version of the Nexus One? Maybe something like that is going to happen. Same software different phone shell.

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