Another Android Vulnerability Found – Malicious Apps Could Disable Antivirus Apps


Another day, another Android “vulnerability.” If you thought installing an antivirus app on your Android powered smartphone would be enough to save you from infected apps, I have some bad news for you. Researchers over at Privateer Labs managed to come across a hole in Android that according to them, could allow for a malicious app to disable an installed antivirus app. The good news? Co-founder of Privateer also mentioned that the same vulnerability could also be used to disable the malicious app. Sounds weird, I know. If you’re worried that your phone could have already fallen victim of this attack, Privateer co-founder Shane Macaulay went on to explain that they haven’t found any attacks exploiting the Android weakness — yet.

Founder Riley Hassell wouldn’t give any further details on the vulnerability but he did explain that his company would be working with some of the top antivirus companies to find a solution. The boys over at Privateer Labs are scheduled to make an appearance at the Hack in the Box Security Conference being held in Malaysia next week. There, they will present their findings, along with a workaround to the vulnerability.

[Via Cnet]

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  1. Ah!! I made up “Hack in the Box” when I went to Jack in the Box and I thought I was being original. D:

    Oh well… One day, I’ll be in those Privateer Labs. Helping Android and it’s security. One day…

    1. We call it Jack-in-da-Crack o’er here. =p

      1. Yea so do wii. I just wanted to be different and call it something else. Guess I wasn’t original enough. *angry face*

  2. that sounds like red alert comminist bomber ” Bombader to ur station ”
    i think that once a smartphone could be a target of attacks than i should leave dat plateform and go for another.

    Whos is happy about windows vulnerability?? I went to OSX so same ll i do with android.

    1. Considering every smartphone platform these days are targets of attacks, you might as well switch back to a dumb phone.

      1. Morse code all the way, baby!

    2. yes, because OSX has no viruses. Every OS, even unix, when not maintained/protected, is vulnerable to something or other.
      Unfortunately, the popularity of an OS (be it on a computer or phone) is one of the factors making it more attractive to hackers. That said, this can also be its strength, as a larger user base means more people work on making it secure and better.

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