Samsung Nexus Prime to be Revealed at CTIA 2011?


Have you checked your watch lately? Why? Because it’s time for some more Nexus Prime (Galaxy Prime/Droid Prime/etc.) rumors! This time we’re looking at what could be the unveiling of the Samsung Nexus Prime this year at CTIA 2011.

How do you we know it will be announced? Well, besides the fact that CTIA is one of the wireless industry’s biggest events, there is this unusually secretive “product to be announced from Samsung Mobile” finalist for CTIA’s “Hot for the Holidays Award” in the “Gamer and Entertainment” category. The undescript device also pops-up in the “Shutterbug” category giving us a clue that the Nexus Prime could have a much improved camera sensor (fingers crossed).

I suppose there is always the possibility that this could be an entirely different unannounced device from Samsung Mobile but given the way Samsung has revealed all (but one) of their cards for this year, I’d be willing to wager this is the one and only Nexus Prime. I can tell you this, Phandroid will be live from CTIA 2011 from October 11-13th and bringing you the very latest in Android gadgetry. I can hardly wait. What do you guys think? Excited for Nexus Prime to finally be officially announced at CTIA in only a few more weeks?

[CTIA via GSMArena]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Please, Google. Please Samsung. Please SMARTPHONE GODS let this release asap.

    1. I’m looking forward to this device as well. But if the rumors of the oversize (4.65″) screen are true, I’ll be getting an iPhone 5 for Verizon. 4.3″ is already too big. 4.0″ would be perfect.

      We Android geeks may like the idea of a tablet sized phone, but it will not sell. After all 20 people who are posting on this board buy a phone like this, the rest of the units will collect dust.

      Every single android device Verizon carries is a POS. Currently using an HTC Thunderbolt. Just returned my 2nd Bionic because of reception and freezing problems. LG revolution is a brick, not a phone. Droid Charge runs very outdated hardware. NO Galaxy S II. What else is there?

      Switching from Verizon is not an option for me.

      Bottom line, don’t get too exited as you may be disappointed, which for me seems to be the most likely scenario.

      1. You would think that a better strategy is to make phones that fit in our hands well and keep the larger screens for tablets. 4.5 and over probably start to cannibalize tablet sales. You need to leave me wanting a little for a tablet.

        1. I think the sweet spot for tablet size will still stay quite a bit larger than smart phones. Leaving enough market for both. And I certainly think their is a substantial market for people who only want to carry one device that does it all which makes a lot of sense having a 4.5-5.5 smart phone as a compromise.

      2. I personally hope the screen size 4.65″ is true, 4.65″ sounds awesome just by saying it out, instead of the usual 4.5, 4.3, or worse yet 4.0. No offense but if iPhone 5 is your choice, then so be it. Maybe Nexus Prime just isn’t for you, not a big deal, there are always other choices for you. :)

        1. I’ve tried my friend’s Nexus Prime. It definitely has a gorgeous an very sharp 4.65″ display (most likely 720p SuperAMOLED+ as rumored). Since it doesn’t have the 4 dedicated buttons, it’s roughly the same size of the DroidX but without the camera hump. The glass display is slightly curved, less pronounced than the Nexus S. A quick thickness comparison shows the Prime being thinner than the Nexus S and roughly about the same as the Nexus One (probably a hair thinner in the middle). The battery holds around 1700mA, should be enough to last a full day. The Nexus Prime has a textured cover on the back, so I prefer holding it over the Nexus S. It also hold a Verizon LTE microsim.

          1. do you have pics?

          2. 1700mah sounds a little tiny… Should be something closer to 1850mah. Pics or it didn’t happen.

      3. But the thing you don’t get at all is ICS is supposed to have built in buttons like Honeycomb. Therefore this device would have a much smaller bezel. The form factor would be similar to the Nexus S which is only 4″. You just hear 4.65 and automatically assume it will be too large.

        Also, if you haven’t noticed large phones sell extremely well. Look at how many units the HTC Evo sold, it was one of the highest selling Android devices. (Same goes for the SGSII.)

        There is one thing I will agree with though, and that is Verizon has some POS devices. The only thing I would even consider buying is the Moto Bionic. The only reason I wouldn’t buy a Bionic is Motoblur, and a locked bootloader. :/

        Either way have fun with your iPhone, or settle on something and be happy with it.

        Like many others, I will be extremely happy with my Nexus Prime when it’s released.

        1. ill just retype what i wrote above because it still applies.

          evo sold so well because for many months it had no android competition on Sprint. Many of Sprint’s customers are too cheap or too broke to hop over to another carrier for a different device. for every girl with a 4.3 beast you show me, i’ll show you 20 that would have jumped ship from Sprint or T-Mo for the iphone, and probably even a droid Incredible. not because it’s better, but because it is easier in the eyes.

          Also, The Galaxy S II has another thing going for it, it is about $200 cheaper then then iPhone 4 32GB in most parts of Europe. In Europe, people don’t buy subsidized phones like we do. They pay full retail then get prepaid SIMs and reload them

          And I do know that ice cream sandwich phones will have no buttons, but you can’t eliminate the bazel completely. The phone will be huge.

          1. You must have small hands like that dude on the burger king commercial, whose hands were too small for the burger, do u need a friends help holding your phone?

          2. I suppose I can argue with you, but I won’t. You are either 15, or just think like a 15 y.o.

            My hands are big enough to keep my gf happy and to drive my infiniti FX 50. the rest is bullshit.

          3. Wow, gotta seem like an E-big dog with your little automatic FX, real men drive stick, but anyway you have your opinion on phone size but a lousy 3.5″ screen( iPhone and low end Android) just don’t cut it for me or people over 6′ tall with big hands need something more comfortable to use, my Mytouch 4G screen size just isn’t cutting it anymore I like how the EVO Touch feels in my hand if the EVO wasn’t on Sprint I’d get it bc it would go with my EVO X haha.

          4. have you been to europe alot in the llast few years and peple do buy full price if need,ummbut they do have discounts,so you are wwwwwway off.

      4. 4.3″ too big for who?! I have more female friends that own 4.3″ beast. I work in a medical office and half the people here have 4.3″ Evo’s and whatnot. Most are older people and they are still whippin’ out the “oversized” screen. And then the other half own iphones.. Oh and 3 of my girl friends are getting the Epic Touch… they clearly don’t think anything of the screen being tooo big, and none of them are android geeks :P haha

        just get whatever suites you…

        1. evo sold so well because for many months it had no android competition on Sprint. Many of Sprint’s customers are too cheap or too broke to hop over to another carrier for a different device. for every girl with a 4.3 beast you show me, i’ll show you 20 that would have jumped ship from Sprint or T-Mo for the iphone, and probably even a droid Incredible. not because it’s better, but because it is easier on the eyes.

      5. is this because you wear skinny jeans?

      6. Small phones are a thing of the past!!! (anyone remember Zoolander lolz)

        I want something I can comfortably move around with and sit on my couch and not have to invest in a damn tablet… I want the BREED IN BETWEEN!!!! And this looks like it will be IT!

  2. And just a week after the IP5’s supposed announcement. Nice one google. :D

  3. Doubt it unless Google announces it first.

    1. And what makes you think they wont? o.O

      1. Google wouldn’t announce ICS at CTIA. It wouldn’t get as much attention.

        1. They essentially announced Honeycomb at CES. So it’s not completely impossible.

        2. True… Google needs to go the smug and ego-dripping Apple route by hosting their own press conference to release ICS.

      2. Exactly. Imagine the attention ICS will get with an announcement followed shortly after with a Prime announcement. Double whammy makes for good press material.

  4. If and when the Nexus Prime is announced/released then Chris will have no more N.P. rumors to post =p

    1. ……………. O_O

      1. No worries. You can probably still find rumors about them changing the specs or something. Nothing is certain in this business, even when it is :p

      2. It’ll be time for Chris to take a much deserved vacation (to play with his new Nexus Prime) :-D

  5. Nexus 3d?

    1. I’ll smack Andy Rubin if he allowed A 3D display.

      1. Hahaha… I have an Evo 3D and I can agree with you there. It doesn’t add much at all to the phone.

    2. That would really suck!!

  6. is this going to sprint, or what? Trying to decide whether to contract-up now, or wait…


    1. take what’s hot now and live with it, or wait and then new rumors and wait. Rinse, lather, repeat.

  7. Everything on the prime must be better than the gs2

  8. They could make a nexus prime and a nexus prime 3d

  9. i thought they confirmed that the nexus prime name was wrong and was not gonna be used.

    1. Nothing is confirmed. There are no absolutes. =p

  10. Hell yeah. Hope this Intel/prediction is on the money.

  11. Fingers crossed that this will be Vzw’s First Nexus Device!

  12. be careful for being trolled haha

  13. supposedly this is supposed to be on a cdma network (verizon) then go to all the other carriers like tmo, sprint and att

  14. This won’t be the reveal of the Prime, the item in question would not be promoted right alongside the galaxy s2 if it was better than the s2, lol.

    1. Unless it had a certain exclusivity with Verizon. Let’s say a couple of months, I think that would be fair since Verizon doesn’t have a Galaxy SII variant. Even though it would be better than the SII I don’t think they would have a problem with selling their phones since most people don’t even know what Nexus devices really are. Granted everyone reading these sites do. =P

  15. Yes there will be a 3D variant of the galaxy s series coming soon, i know. 1280 by 720 screen, dual 5 megapixel cameras with option to run as 10 megapixel

  16. Google can’t you pair up with HTC to make a new Nexus device you started with them in the G1 department bring me a modern G1 please latest and greatest oh and release it on Sprint! Thanks an Android fan!

    1. There was a rumor that there would be a Prime with and without keypad. ;-)

    2. The Nexus One was an HTC device also… Honestly with the current setup that they have going I think that Samsung has really stepped up their game. I’ve been with HTC for a while but I am definitely considering the Prime. Though I may have to buy Skyrim first…

  17. Hm it looks to me that this would be an SGS2 HD announcement. Not Nexus Prime.

  18. Galaxy tab 7.7 is more likely. Sad really. I need this phone immediately.

    1. why do you “need” this phone immediately? Need is such an overused word for electronics.

  19. If they do make a keyboard version then they should use a screen that you can tilt up for movies/typing/video chat.

  20. Thanks, but I’ve already got enough pr0n… no room for your friends mom here.

  21. I cant wait for Nexus Prime so quicker the better but i dont think it be that but who knows

  22. But i base my guess on the rumor mill that ICS is still buggy.

  23. Anybody else notice that all this ics talk around the same time as apples’s ip5 announcement. Google will release ics at their own event next week. Cita will go on to release a samsung, verizon bound, exclusive through the holidays ics compatible phone. The other carriers get a device after christmas. honeycomb tablets begin to get their ics sometime in february. By then they should have at least 1 phone from makers, lg, htc, samsung, and possibly motorola. Samsung will steal some ip5 thunder on verizon. 2012 will see more new lawsuits from each company, and i’m sure by this time next year we’ll be talking about jellybean and looking for quad core phones. I’ve seen it already.

    1. Wait a minute… History is repeating itself!

    2. lol. It’s like looking into a crystal ball, isn’t it?


    1. Holy shit! I thought I was reading a post from Richard Yarell, except this is about Nexus devices instead of Evo’s and Sprint.

  25. TURN YOUR DAMN caps off!

  26. History repeating itself? You don’t say?

  27. Might it be the galaxy player?

    Its listed under gamer and entertainment enthusiast..

    On any note, I don’t think this will be the nexus prime.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head.

  28. I agree with W!LL minus the caps. This is indeed a Nexus device that has a totally new operating system which no one knows how to use. Google has to have an I/O or whatever to announce ICS and then it will announce the phone. They also have to announce their date early so people can book flights and what not. So we won’t be hearing anything for awhile I assume.
    Also this phone cannot have any bloatware on it since it is a nexus device. Its pure Google thus meaning those rumors are false as well. The device will have to have the word Nexus in it also. Some rumors I’ve heard are straight ridiculous.
    We have quite awhile guys. This phone will not be announced at CTIA.

    1. Honeycomb wasn’t that different from previous versions. ICS will not be that much different either.

  29. At first, I didn’t think there was any way the Prime would be announced at CTIA, or that the device to be announced was the Prime. However, I didn’t know about the shutterbug category.

    The very first Nexus 3 rumors spoke of a VASTLY improved camera sensor, rumored to be only 5mp, but with fantastic image quality. That really makes me think this CTIA announcement possible.

  30. I’m going with this not being about the Prime. The announcement is listed under “Gamer and Entertainment Enthusiast” while above it, is the Gadget Guru section. The GG section contains two Android phones, the EVO3D and the Galaxy S II. Wouldn’t you think the Prime would be bundled in there than with the Gaming & Entertainment group? I’m guessing they’re going to announce another tablet.

  31. In regard to screen size, for me I want the biggest screen I can get that still fits in my shirt/pants pocket. Up to 5″ keeps it classified as a phone, then from 7″ up it’s a tablet…Anything in-between is a niche/dead zone (as sexy as the Sammy Note is to me personally, that beautiful beast is definitely a niche).

    As far as the OS goes, ICSs’ promises of better OS utilization of hardware (especially multi-core phones), better gaming capability and more robust camera framework all seem to be inline with CTIA holding a non-descript phone spot in Gaming and Entertainment.

    Along the same lines, I would guesstimate that in order to be CTIA’s phone for gaming, that Sammy utilized their own Exynos 4210 (supposedly much better GPU performance vs. Tegra2) cpu instead of going OMAP or Tegra2.

    …Of course Samsung/Google could shock the world and actually put a Kal-El in there! But they’d lose me as a customer because I would be dead, from my head exploding from the shear awesomeness that a phone with those kinds of specs THIS year would be!

  32. It’s the Note or Tab 7.7.

  33. Honeycomb wasn’t released on a nexus branded device. Though I don’t recall if honeycomb was shown through an I/O or not…every other update to Android has. Especially one that’s going to be this big internally. The device can’t be announced before the software…then people could play with it before it being officially announced, right? I’m sure it’s just a Samsung device and that is all.

  34. Dear Verizon please please don’t mess this up. Please let this one go. Let google handle the updates ect. Thank you just this time ok, You can have samsung make a
    600mhz phone and bloat it all out and control it all you want .

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