Sep 26th, 2011

Have you checked your watch lately? Why? Because it’s time for some more Nexus Prime (Galaxy Prime/Droid Prime/etc.) rumors! This time we’re looking at what could be the unveiling of the Samsung Nexus Prime this year at CTIA 2011.

How do you we know it will be announced? Well, besides the fact that CTIA is one of the wireless industry’s biggest events, there is this unusually secretive “product to be announced from Samsung Mobile” finalist for CTIA’s “Hot for the Holidays Award” in the “Gamer and Entertainment” category. The undescript device also pops-up in the “Shutterbug” category giving us a clue that the Nexus Prime could have a much improved camera sensor (fingers crossed).

I suppose there is always the possibility that this could be an entirely different unannounced device from Samsung Mobile but given the way Samsung has revealed all (but one) of their cards for this year, I’d be willing to wager this is the one and only Nexus Prime. I can tell you this, Phandroid will be live from CTIA 2011 from October 11-13th and bringing you the very latest in Android gadgetry. I can hardly wait. What do you guys think? Excited for Nexus Prime to finally be officially announced at CTIA in only a few more weeks?

[CTIA via GSMArena]

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