Stock Kernel For Samsung Epic 4G Touch Now Available – Makes Rooting Less Scary


If you recently purchased the “near perfect” Samsung Epic 4G Touch on Sprint and were toying with the idea of rooting your device, you now have one more reason to take the plunge. Or rather — one less reason to not take the plunge. The stock kernel for the Epic Touch has finally been made available and flashable via Odin allowing users to root their devices with reckless abandon. This means if something were to go wrong during the rooting process, you flashed a buggy ROM, or you just plain decide root isn’t all that its cracked up to be, you can now return to the a normal, factory state. As they say in the Android modding community — you don’t truly own your device until you root it.

[XDA via AndroidPolice]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. How would flashing the stock kernel fix a buggy ROM?

    1. Wouldn’t “fix it” but would take you back to stock. Tis all.

      1. no it wouldnt, this would just take you back to a stock kernel. flashing a stock rom would take you back to a stock rom

        1. This is for those of us rooting our devices. Please read.

          1. actually i did, the way chris worded it made it sound like this would fix the rom

  2. There is not a lot of talk about this device

    1. Where have you been? It’s clearly the better one of the three US variants.

      1. They posted more articles about the bionic than this

        1. Lol, GS2 is like 5 months old.. obv they would post a lot about a device that has tons of hype. That would generate many more hits.

          1. The bionic is better regardless :)

          2. Ehh, better is subjective. I would take the Exynos and SAMOLED+ over the OMAP4 and w/e else the Bionic brings to the table. They are both good phones, regardless.

          3. the bionic has omap with lte. it also had hdmi mirror, zumocast, ddr2 that feature i love, not to many devices have the dd2 ram. It has a better build and sound quality than the samsung. Do i need to say more? Samsung only beats the bionic on the cam and front facing cam. I will take htc super lcd display over amoled. Amoled looks so colorful

          4. Nothing that a custom kernel can’t fix in terms of HDMI mirroring. SAMOLED+ displays are vibrant and beautiful. I played with the Bionic in the VZW store on release, and enjoyed it, but I just can’t get enough of the screen, plus power of the Exynos SoC. To each their own though.

          5. the display on the samsung it is so weird a lot of saturation and it does not look natural. You said it, you said changing the kernel. I am talking a better devices out of the box with the most features. Bionic is the king for now

  3. I think I want this phone… but do I really want to upgrade?

    1. I’m still trying to decide if I want to take back the LG Thrill 4G, get my $108 back and get the S2 for AT&T.

      My problem is I have until 9/5 to return the Thrill and cancel the contract without penalty., but the S2 wont be out until (maybe) the 6th.

      I wish it was here now so I can decide while Im still within the 30 day period for new activations.

    2. I’ve had the phone for a week and fallen in completely in love with it. It is so smooth and the screen is so gorgeous. This phone is as about as close to perfection as I need it to be.

      This will not be the top phone in 2 months. But the phones in 2 months will not be the top phones in 4 months.

      Maybe it is worth waiting. I don’t know. But I seriously doubt you will be unhappy with this phone. There is so much to like about it.

      I think these upcoming 720p phones are overkill. At 4.5″ they are 3 ppi away from the iPhone 4 which I though was ridiculous. You have to hold it up to your face to see the difference. I think 540p is realistically the highest we need to go for phones. The rest is a waste of pixels and processing power. That’s just my opinion. I could be completely wrong.

      My wife who has been hardcore about having to have a physical keyboard even made the jump and she is very happy with it. (she was waiting for the Epic 2 but there has been nearly zero news about it since July so she got tired of waiting)

      My only complaint at the moment is a lack of accessories in terms of cases and screen protectors from my favorite manufacturers.

      1. While I get your point, to say the next gen of phones will be crap in 2 months after they release is a bit.. well.. asinine

        1. How did you turn “not the top phone” into “it will be crap”? That is quite the leap you made.

          1. How is that a leap? That’s simply the implication you made by the previous statement.

          2. I did not imply that at all. My entire point is something better will always be coming out so no matter how long you wait, you will always be in the same situation. How is that the same as saying a phone will start to suck after two months? Why on earth would I buy the Epic 4G Touch if I thought such a thing? Even a year from now, this will still be a great phone.

          3. Hey NYC, when you see your girl leave in the morning to go to work does that mean she divorced you? Or is she still your girl? Just trying to figure out how you think.

      2. I agree, just got this phone a couple days ago and there are a few bugs, but very, very few compared to the Evo I just came from. I’m amazed at the camera/camcorder quality and how thin/light it is. wow. great phone. and this phone will be great for at least a year. :)

  4. There have been a number of studies and statistics to prove that Sprint customers are the least likely to root their phones out of the top 4 carriers. The last sentence of this story couldn’t be more true, “you don’t truly own your device until you root it”.

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