New Pics Of The LG U+ LTE Captured In the Wild – This Time With Less Blurrycam


Some new images of the LG U+ LTE have surfaced online. Korean site Cetizen was able to gather these pics of LG’s upcoming flagship device in the wild, giving us a clearer picture on the device’s aesthetics and build quality. The chrome metal band around the sides of the device look an awful lot like the Samsung’s Galaxy S II X (Hercules) pictured yesterday.

On the back you have a rather uninspired textured battery cover, once again — bringing thoughts of the Galaxy S II to mind. What’s strange is earlier leaked pics of the device have a much different (better looking) crosshatched textured battery cover. Not sure which pic is more up to date as far as that’s concerned.

As a refresher, the LG U+ is an LTE capable device that can hit (theoretical) 75Mbs data speeds. This device will also come equippped with a dual-core Snapdragon process and beautiful 720p HD IPS display. No word on pricing or release date but you can bet this device will be hitting stateside sometime in the near future.

With the accusations of Samsung copying Apple it seems as if Sammy may have a little copycat of their own. What do you guys think? I understand there are only so many ways you can design a smartphone but do you feel this design is hit or miss?

[Ameblo via IntoMobile]

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  1. Why does everyone keep calling it 720p? Aren’t all lcds progressive?

    1. Good point. Lol

      And it’s just easier than typing 1280×720 =p

  2. I don’t think it’s bad looking at all. Personally, I don’t care for the chrome ring around it. I do like the textured battery cover. Why the removal of the search soft key?

  3. I think LG makes really great phones and just because it has a metal band on the sides it shouldnt be compared to those icky Samsung devices. Of so then why don’t we just start comparing a touch screen to a touch screen?

  4. Also I have the G2X and there really isn’t another device (manufacturer/ carrier) that has me interested

  5. someone mentioned that this will be the Revolution 2 for the U.S.

    1. I really hope this comes as Revolution 2 on verizon. Spec is quite similar to Vigor but I think screen, battery on this LG is better. I’m fed up with HTC battery issues.

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