Samsung Galaxy S II X (Hercules) Pictured In The Wild and Shown Off In Video


If you wanted a closer look at T-Mobile’s upcoming Samsung Hercules then the Canadian Telus version is about as good as it’s going to get for now. Say, hello to the Telus Samsung Galaxy S II X. Asthetically, this device will look identical to the T-Mobile branded version hitting in a few more months. The one exception being the battery cover on this Canadian version is soft touch while the T-Mobile version has been shown in leaked pics to have a brushed aluminum finish.

Spec-wise you’re looking at a gorgeous 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display and Samsung’s newest version of TouchWiz on top of Android 2.3.5. Inside the device will be powered by a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor that could possibly take advantage of T-Mobile’s 42MBs HSPA+ network. The device also features a nice sized 1850mAh battery and full NFC capabilities for those wanting to try out Google Wallet. Check out this quick video from MobileSyrup for more on the Galaxy S II X (Hercules).

[Via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Lol…Nice, but looks like a Big iphone 3G

    1. Yeah.. super rounded corners, full chrome banding — not really for me. I’m sure some people will like it though. =)

    2. right..iphone hmmm lg prada..and ill still rather have an lg prada over it…if iphone was the only phone left..i would rather go without.

    3. zomg! My tires look just like that tire on that car! ZOMG, my fridge looks like your fridge. WOWZERS!

      1. Yeah, I’m sure GE could sur Frigidaire for trade dress infrigement. (Or is that the other way around.) I mean, their fridges are clearly rectangular with front handles and swivel doors. Can’t the designers have any imagination and stop copying each other already?

  2. that does look nice and much more peppy than my Sensation

  3. What product from Samsung doesn’t look like an Apple ripoff?

    1. moron..what iphone doesnt look like a ripoff a lg prada..juan the moron

    2. All of them, why?

    3. I know right!! I bought a Sony TV over the weekend and went to some friends house later on and the bastard had the same looking TV!!! It was even square with some buttons on the front! I really lost it when his TV had a speaker in the front like mine also!!

      This crap needs to stop!!

  4. I wish the Epic Touch looked like this …Hopefully Sprint’s next Nexus gets the brushed aluminum.

    1. I love them both! :D I’m buying the Epic 4G Touch for my girl, and I’m buying T-Mobiles! YAY i get to play with both :D

  5. AWESOME! looks snappy!!! We may be just fine with the qualcomm chip. Thanks for the vid!

  6. Wish the corners were like the other galaxies :/ oh well,i’ll still be buying this phone! it’s too sick to pass.

  7. wake me up when the nexus comes to tmobile please

  8. Umm I like it

  9. Months? Months?? WHO CARES!!! In a few more months.. .no one will give a flying crap about this phone anymore because there will be 5 more phones out that are better than this. In fact, I’m so irritated about the fact that I’ve been waiting on this phone so long that I’m likely to wait and buy the new iPhone just to spite Samsung.

    1. Ok drama queen. I am sure stock prices will plummet because 1 douchebag has unrealistic expectations.

  10. I guess that’s what I call ur mom so yea

  11. danmidtown, your comments are stupid and never make much sense. Just how you were raised huh? maybe your mom was fat and ugly also, hmmm…

  12. Looks like the iphone 3gs from the side

  13. So tell that fat ugly moms of urs Samantha aka Sammy to get ready owww!

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  14. some of us are actually honest and have money, definitely unlike you. Man, am I happy I’m not you! lol

  15. wow you seriously need psychological help, I pity you.

  16. the only thing pathetic are cowards like you who hide behind your anonymity while spouting ignorant 6 year old comments. crackheads I swear smh

  17. Well, my girl wants a new phone for christmas. Might end up getting her this or an ICS device.

  18. Lol just let it go man RockinEvo pwned U!!!

  19. what the heck does you are my “chinese idol” mean?? it doesn’t even make any sense… and i think u r more immature for writing dumb replies on every replies… very lame… just let it go and be a man about it if you don’t like the phone just stay the hell away from the post! it’s that simple

    1. think about it _ oh wait you must be mentally retarded and can’t figure it out _ You are probably as stupid looking as your stupid mind.

  20. you need to calm down dude. fighting over the internet is really pointless

  21. Man LOL wtf are you assholes talking about? This about a phone not who will kill who. Neither 1 of you are real killers. Cuz if you where, there wouldn’t be any talking about what you will do. Anyway the t mobile version needs to hurry the fuck up and drop. And why not release the specs for the phone? Maybe their trying to add some minute thing to the phone.

    1. You probably weigh like 350 lbs. I know I’m right, no need to reply.

      1. I weigh 350. I also lift weights and workout. I’m heavy set but I can bench 475 without hesitation. Its time to stop rambling on. At least think about what you are saying. Making threats can land you behind bars. it is something that the law enforcement is cracking down on. Just post about the article, leave the violence out of it.

  22. Lol u serious kid u go on blog sites to start wit people internet tuff Guy huh lol get a life lonely loser

  23. The phone looks nice, but I’m still turned away by the snapdragon processor in it. the snapdragon tends to come with a underpowered gpu. The adreno engines have never impressed me. I guess the main question is if it will ship with the adreno 220 or if they will have something more powerful.

  24. Not only is this childish but it needs to be reported for threats of arson and death. None of it is funny, it’s so easy to say things on the internet.
    I’d cool it on the threats dude before you end up in trouble. They will label it add terroristic threats if violence which won’t be pretty for you.
    I’m just giving you a friendly warning. Do with it what you will.

  25. …… Well anyways this phone looks awesome. I can’t wait to hear more about it. This is the main reason for me checking phandroid. So my family of 5 can switch over to verizon and switch to 2gb of data, I would not have to think twice especially since the discount I get makes it cheaper than tmobile, yeah weird huh? But the don’t have the galaxy s 2 :o idk what to do. I’m covered by 42mbps as well as LTE! AHHH

  26. Get millions of free android apps from http://bit.ly/iEpHDR

  27. Yawn. Wheres the Prime?

  28. I want that back cover. looks nicer than T-Mobile’s shiny one

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