textPlus Updated In The Android Market – Adds New Facebook Integration and Redesigned Navigation


Popular messaging app textPlus has just been updated in the Android Market. The service allows you to create your own user name to share with other textPlus users and even provides you with your own unique phone number for sending out SMS messages for users who aren’t yet signed up for the service.

Today, they’ve added even more features like sending out Voice Notes (helpful when driving) for free to other textPlus users or anyone in the U.S. or Canada. Also added was the ability to link to your Facebook account and get notified when one of your friends signs up for textPlus. With it’s clean, simple interface and newly redesigned navigation, textPlus is a great option for those who don’t have unlimited messaging plans with their carrier.

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Chris Chavez
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  1. can’t install from the market in Canada.

    1. Thanks Chris for letting your readers know about our update! You rock!

      Hi Mat_t, textPlus is ad supported in the free version. Try out our Silver or Gold version if you wish to no longer see the ads. Don’t worry, you will still enjoy free texting!

      Hi Zorxd, Our update in Canada will be available soon. Please stay tuned. You can always follow us on twitter for all the news. @textplus

      -Amy from textPlus

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        Will the updated Android app for Canada include a free canadian phone number for incomming SMS?

        1. Hi zorxd,
          We are working on updating our Canadian app. As to when that will include our free numbers, I’m not sure of an exact date. BUT it will be soon!

      2. uh, I got the version from amazon when it was paid. I believe that’s the gold version. It wasn’t the ads that were spammy, it was the stupid notifications and the “BY THE WAY FEATURES” popups and the “you need to use your plan by X date” stuff. all of which were completely unwelcome.

  2. textplus spams so much I thought it was malware. I literally was happier to uninstall it than to use it. Maybe it’s my personal experience, but holy crap does the app spam you.

  3. Why would someone use this over Google voice? That’s something I could never figure out

  4. i am not able to download this textplus app can anyone provide me alternative download link of this app :(((((((

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