New Samsung SHV-E120L Specs Revealed – 4.7 Inch HD Screen, Dual-Core Processor


If the Samsung Galaxy Note was a little too big for your liking maybe this device will be more your size. The Samsung SHV-E120L first showed up in a NenaMark benchmark result a little while ago and although it clued us into its 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor, 1280×720 display and running on Android 2.3.5 not much info else was revealed. Fast forward to today where an internal LG comparison document has filled in the rest of the spec sheet.

Looks like the mysterious SHV-E120L will also feature a whopping 4.7-inch screen, 8MP rear/2MP front facing cameras, 1GB of RAM with 16GB of internal memory and compatibility with South Korea’s LTE network. Seems the device may be a direct competitor to LG’s new U+ LTE device launching a little later this month. What do you guys think? Is 4.7-inches pushing it?

[Ameblo via PocketNow]

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  1. Keep pushing these screen sizes, my 6’4″ hands crave more screen real estate!

    1. I agree mostly, I think the Note might end up being too big for a pocket, even if it’s super thin, but something this size or the rumored 4.63″ buttonless design of the galaxy nexus (or nexus prime or whatever) sounds like the perfect size to maximize pocket friendliness and screen usability i honestly don’t care if it looks a little goofy up by your face.

    2. You have 6’4″ hands!? o.0

  2. 4.7 inch screen with buttons is pretty big, with no buttons :) perfect. ICS!

  3. No 4.7″ is not pushing it, thats too big!! 4.5″ was pushing it.

    1. Ditto that.

    2. Well seeing as the US has a major delay nowdays and an outdated system why would anyone in the rest of the world care about you? :)

    3. Who cares….
      Unlocked phones rule

      1. Only if you can get signal more than edge at least 3G

    4. So you’re telling me you don’t care about any phone news that doesn’t involve the US?

      Maybe we should have waited 6 months before posting news on the Galaxy S II, huh? =p

      1. Actually I should explain that comment Chris. I meant it as if I cant have it, it pisses me off. Its just a tease. The US gets shafted on delayed releases or watered down versions of better international phones.

        1. Sprint’s version is watered up imo, but I do get your point. Reading about a quad core phone being released in Asia doesn’t do much for me unless I can buy it. Hearing about the SGS 2 for four months or so? All I keep seeing on websites is how people are over it, and waiting for the prime. If Sammy brought it stateside in June they would’ve sold boat loads. Now with the prime, and “cough” iPhone 5 coming to Sprint, the competition for sales will be even more stiff. Lucky for Sammy they are making the prime, or I bet the SGS 2 would’ve been here sooner.

  4. While it might be harder to type in landscape for smaller hands, it also just means the portrait keyboard will be easier to type on.

  5. Ironically I see more small handed ladys with the 4.3″ phones than the guys! I guess that phone size is important too…..

    1. I think it’s the whole having a purse to carry a monstrous phone in.

      1. That’s why I carry a man-purse o.O

        1. … and I a bejeweled fanny pack. LMAO.

  6. There is no such thing as too big or too small. Everyone is different. If it works for you – buy it, if not find something else that does.

  7. My photon is perfect size!

  8. Agree with Fred.

  9. Like I’ve always said 5 inches is the ideal size for mobility between tablet and phone. Why not have it all in one device. Loose the messenger bag!

  10. Wow Sammy…LG announces that LU+ device and right away you guys start cooking up something new……..REALLY!!!! How bout concentrating on your current outdated U.S. phones rather then make another phone for the year. Where’s the original galaxy s 2.3 upgrade at? Screw the boys and gals in America right.

    1. On xda if you really want it you will get it.

      1. I shouldn’t have to root my phone for an update.

        1. You don’t have to but it is a better option than whining about no update on a blog that has zero connection to samsung.

        2. There really is no difference between xda’s version and samsungs official one depending on what rom you run.

          1. “There really is no difference between xda’s version and samsungs official one depending on what rom you run.”

            There’s a big difference when Samsung hasn’t even released an official 2.3 for the U.S.

          2. I think he’s upset at the principal of the thing. =p

        3. Rooted my EVO 3d 36 hrs after receiving it. Xda is the only place for updates. Weekly, nightly, or whatever you choose. Rooted stock versions, custom roms, there’s something for everyone. It’s a way of life after you try it. It’s really an amazing community. Go and look at the forums bro. You won’t regret it. Good luck to you.

  11. wow _ are you 12 years old or 14 years old? You’re just a bunch of whining little baby kids “wanting the newest samsung’ crap. And you think this is a premium quality ‘made in china’ pos garbage mfg’d phone _ Get Real _ Just goes to show how stupid most of you really are. Duh _ You should get off china’s ______ already. You shouldn’t be allowed to live in the USA anymore ! Buy a car!

  12. Verizon’s Droid Prime!

  13. 4.7″ on a Samsung would translate to something like a 4.3″ HTC. Still usable as a phone, but the weight will become very important.

    졸라 말 못알아듯네;;;;

  15. I think size and weight both matters when you are carrying anything with you, So obviously the size of this matters to me. I don’t think that it will fit into my pockets.

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