Sep 21st, 2011

It’s been almost a week since the release of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (that’s a mouthful!) and we’ve been hearing murmurs of bugs and other general weirdness affecting the device. Some of the bugs include force closes in the calendar and 4G disconnecting when you’re on a call. According to the AndroidPolice, Samsung is well aware of these bugs and is working on a fix.


I’ve also come across a few posts from Epic Touch users in our AndroidForums and on Reddit who have been experiencing WiFi signal loss but this probably has more to do with Samsung’s more accurate bar representation on the Epic 4G Touch than you find on other devices, namely HTC who has been known to inflate their bars. Let’s hope Samsung is hot on this issue as well even if it means inflating bars to make themselves “look good.”

While problems like these aren’t uncommon on devices just after they launch is shouldn’t come as any surprise for early adopters. Still, some bugs can be attributed to good ‘ol fashioned paranoia like this user who was upset because “when making a call…….my screen goes blank and I cannot disconnect, I have to shake the phone to get the screen back.” Guess he didn’t know that it’s actually a normal function of the proximity sensor to keep you from “cheek dialing.”

[AndroidPolice and Reddit]

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