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Is Your Sprint Epic 4G Touch Expriencing Problems? Samsung’s Working On It


It’s been almost a week since the release of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (that’s a mouthful!) and we’ve been hearing murmurs of bugs and other general weirdness affecting the device. Some of the bugs include force closes in the calendar and 4G disconnecting when you’re on a call. According to the AndroidPolice, Samsung is well aware of these bugs and is working on a fix.


I’ve also come across a few posts from Epic Touch users in our AndroidForums and on Reddit who have been experiencing WiFi signal loss but this probably has more to do with Samsung’s more accurate bar representation on the Epic 4G Touch than you find on other devices, namely HTC who has been known to inflate their bars. Let’s hope Samsung is hot on this issue as well even if it means inflating bars to make themselves “look good.”

While problems like these aren’t uncommon on devices just after they launch is shouldn’t come as any surprise for early adopters. Still, some bugs can be attributed to good ‘ol fashioned paranoia like this user who was upset because “when making a call…….my screen goes blank and I cannot disconnect, I have to shake the phone to get the screen back.” Guess he didn’t know that it’s actually a normal function of the proximity sensor to keep you from “cheek dialing.”

[AndroidPolice and Reddit]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. And so it begins…

  2. …i have had no problems what-so-ever.And i have had my S2 since MONDAY.

  3. that’s not good.. i thought this thing was “perfect”

    1. You’ll discover quickly that Samsung Galaxy fans have turned into the Android equivalent of iPhone fanboys. In their minds every Samsung product is “perfect”… or sent from the future to save mankind. lol

      1. troll detected

        1. troll indeed

      2. Sounds a lot like envy

      3. Hang in there, Kyocera will have their day soon enough. By the way, LOVE my new Epic Touch. Best. Phone. Ever.

        1. Yes we all are waiting on the next big thing from kyocera ;)

      4. It sure is better than any other comapnies offering Android lately

      5. Sad to say….but I’m beginning to believe you…

        Things I normally say to iPhone fanboys I’ve been saying to:

        1. GS2 fans.
        2. Bionic haters.

        Good to see an Android phone causing that kind of reaction. But fanboyism is a disease.

        1. I completely agree with you. The “Apple Fanboy” mentality has definitely infected Samsung Galaxy owners. I think it’s because Samsungs marketing is basically the same as Apple’s. Heck, the commercial for the SGS2 I thought was an Apple commercial until about half way through when I saw “Samsung” written on the phone.

          So, Samsung is acquiring the same type of customers & thus the iStatusSymbol mentality of “My device is the future. Everything else is crap or just isn’t “cool” enough for me to own it”

          But hey, if it helps Android & hurts Apple… then who cares?

          1. Yea…if it helps Android grow, become more popular ….so be it.

            Uh oh….marketing like the iPhone???


    2. I have yet to find the “perfect” device. You should lower your expectations. Life will go smoother.

      1. In all my days, I have yet to see a “Jesus Phone.” Don’t think I ever will…

        1. Exactly to both of you.

          No such thing as the perfect device, perfect phone,, best phone evarrrr!!!

  4. Those are pretty minor compared to bugs on the 3D and the Photon on launch. How many events does one dismiss at once??? I could see the hotspot coming up more frequently if I A) lived in a city that had 4G (yeah right!) and B) paid that outrageous price for the hotspot. I’m looking forward to getting this phone soon! The Sprint ID pack “Clean” was the push over the top.

    1. I live in a city with 4g, and tether about 6-8gb of data a month through my evo4g… But I dont pay the outrageous price;)

      If you ask me, I payed $200 for a cellular device, and should be able to use any and all functions it comes with.

      1. The reference in the article and the comments are to the HOTSPOT use of the phone, not the tethering you are so proud of.

      2. I’m all for hacking free tethering, but I justify that because I only use it a couple times a year. If your really transferring 6-8gb you should be paying for it. I use a lot of data on my phone too but only about 100mb a month is mobile data as I’m always near wifi.

  5. Very minor problems IMO!

  6. I just converted from years of Blackberry use and am missing several features, like being able to have the phone vibrate first before a call, set the number of vibrations before it rings, notify me of a text while I’m on a call… a lot of these basics seem to be missing. I love the camera, Kies Air, and processor speed!

    1. That is weird mine notifies me of a text during a call.

    2. You can do all of those things on android.

  7. I have had some issue with 4G dropping but not while on a call. Other than that…LOVE IT!

    1. I did return mine to Sprint store, I had issue with no bars, even an in the middle of the 4G area, and when am in inside big building. Which I never had any problem with Motorola Photon 4G at all. I know it`s software issues but I had bad experience with Samsung, they`re to slow or maybe not going to release any update until April next years as they did with Epic 4G update. I`ll wait to see how good Samsung and Sprint working on it.

  8. That happens to every phone. Relax.

  9. anyone having issues with registering the device with DIVX?

  10. This seems like minor glitches compared to things Bionic is suffering.

    1. No problems with mine. Hows that Wimax “4G” working out for you?
      (and yeah, if VzW picked up the SGS2 I would have snatched it up in a second but my D1 was dying)

      1. Actually Wimax is 4G not “4G”.

  11. Is anyone having spotty 3g connection? It seems to CRAWL in places where my evo was alright

    1. Same here. Hoping its a bug with the modem software, cos I remember the Epic being spotty at launch and the leaked modems slowly started to get better and better.

      EH17, which was recently released like last month, was spectacular as far as speed and battery life. Too bad it caused random reboots. Still, I’m hoping that things start shaping up in the next 2-3 months.

  12. I was excited with all the talk about long battery life…have yet to experience battery life that is significantly longer than my evo. I still need to charge the beast every night. I am a light user, typically less than 2gb of data/month and rarely make phone calls. Love the phone and how smooth it is compared to the evo but battery life is still in need of improvement.

    1. 2gb a month of mobile data is not light, I use about 100mb. I’m getting about 3 days on a charge with mine but that with wifi on and mobile data off.

  13. LLOL armageddon is far from a troll and to be honest he’s quite right

  14. Everyone seems to be forgetting about the ultra prevalent loss of signal bug. Thats by far the most important issue that needs to be fixed right now. For many, many users (check XDA for tons of posts on it), the phone will just disconnect from the network and refuse to reconnect. This happens randomly and without warning. Also, there is no alert on screen informing users that the signal has been gone. The only way to fix this is with a reboot.

    I absolutely love this phone. But if this bug doesn’t get worked out, this is a huge deal breaker for me and I won’t be able to continue using a phone that can’t do the bare basics, like hold a signal.

  15. My phone had no audio through the earpiece and the speaker phone icon was disabled for the first 4-5 calls I tried. This was just after unboxing it and had it plugged in to charge it for the first time while making the calls. I tried plugging in and unplugging headphones to see if the jack was causing the glitch. Tried a call again and still no sound. I turned the phone off let it charge until it was 99%. I turned it back on and ran updates. The sound/speaker phone has worked fine since. I talked to Samsung about it and said to continue using it and if it occurs again it would be covered under warranty.

  16. Connecting to a WiFi network has been a little frustrating. The phone is very slow at connecting to a WiFi router. With a router 3 feet from me I got a message that it wasn’t in range! After several tries it finally connected & connects easily to it. Same thing happened at my office. How I can keep the phone from continuously scanning for a wifi connection after it establishes my default connection? The list of wifi networks keeps changing & I think it’s just wasting battery doing so.

    Haven’t had any phone call problems, love Kies Air, don’t like the red LED light for message/phone notifications because the red LED illuminates while charging & thus cancels out the message/phone notification.

  17. I’m having problems with Gmail email push, both with maidroid and native gmail app…anyone else???

  18. Maildroid above sp error!

  19. Has anyone had a problem with video on some sites like cnet.com and ESPN? Many of the videos on cnets full site have a bar across them that say “play cnet video” it only pops up a grey box. Went to several Sprint stores and the same thing happened with Epic Touch display phones. All the other phones in the store start the video within seconds. Any ideas/

  20. i have some issues, problems with the epic touch 4g
    from sleep mode.. it takes a bit of time like 3 to 4s for lockscreen to appear

    when charging sometimes the phone acts weird like the password pattern will act weird on command, even web browsing is not responsive.

    another problem is call bar will dissapear and will lose connection..untill i reboot the device happen 3 times in 2 weeks,

    anyone have such a prob??

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