T-Mobile Announces 1-Day Only “Yes, Every Smartphone Is On Sale” Sale


If you fancy yourself a frugal shopper you may want to listen up. T-Mobile is gearing for what they’re calling their “Yes, Every Smartphone Is On Sale” sale this Saturday, September 24th. Just as the name suggest, T-Mobile will be offering substantial discounts — for one day only — on all their Android smartphones including the HTC Sensation, Mytouch 4G Slide and Samsung Exhibit 4G. Seeing how that whole “AT&T merger” thing isn’t looking so good these days, might want to let your friends and family know. Hit the source link for the full list of devices and pricing.

[Via T-Mobile]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I looked at the site and i still can’t see if you need an upgrade or new contract for this.

    1. It says in the picture on the bottom left that it required a new 2 year contract.

      1. So it is once again a desperate attempt at signing up some new subscribers while ignoring existing ones which keep leaving. Hmm…, will TMO ever learn that keeping existing customers is just as important to the bottom line as getting new ones?

        1. So an attempt to expand their network to even more people means they’re caring more about new customers?

          Hmm… what is it that you think Tmo ISN’T DONIG that other companies seem TO BE DOING?

          1. I am sorry I posted an opinion online. Won’t happen again – you win…

          2. no dipstick its having the balls to backup your statements.
            Now you just appear to ba a troll.

          3. ATL Guy, you are dipstick.
            You still win though so good for you. Go give yourself a hug… You deserve it. You are special.

        2. I took it as you needed to resign your contract for another two years, not that you needed to be a new subscriber. I could be wrong though.

        3. How are they ignoring current customers? I just got a full upgrade at 19 months. I think that is pretty damn good.

        4. Some of you guys are ridiculous…he’s merely stating his experience with T-Mobile. To be honest, I had a similar experience. Customer with 5 lines for nearly 10 years, pre-ordered the G1 and loved it. The screen died after almost 2 years and they want me to upgrade but my android options are the mytouch or another G1 for $100. Don’t like mytouch and G1 is being offered for free to new customers. I don’t really want to use my upgrade on the same phone, but there’s not many options. So, ask them for the new customer pricing since the phone is so old now and there’s no G2, etc. They not only won’t even consider it, they offer no other options after speaking to a couple different reps and threatening to drop them. So I did. And guess, what, I don’t miss them one bit. They’re always behind on voice and data coverage and phones…there only real benefit is price and previously it had been customer service. But, sometimes it’s just worth it to spend more on quality. I’m happy to have a carrier I don’t have to make excuses for. T-Mobile was great to me for a long time but I’m glad I don’t have to defend their inferior service anymore…They can’t keep up with the others they’re certainly not what they used to be.

      2. It most likely requires a 2 year contract or their optional payment plan that they offer to people who would rather pay for their own phones and get a very low monthly rate on their plan. All the costs are up front in this case and your plan and your phone purchase are independent of each other. I just bought 2 lines for the 49.99 per month each that comes with unlimited voice, text, and data. Your going to hear from a lot of people that yes that’s a good deal but they throttle you at 2GB. However, unless you’re streaming movies while you’re not on wifi 2GB is quite a bit of data. Regardless, the price is a whole data plan cheaper than sprint or anyone else. My experience has been T-Mobile works harder to get customers and keep them. This means great quality at the best price for consumers. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  2. Couldn’t you just go to Radioshack?

  3. You’re gay chris

    1. Why you keep following me? o.O

      1. because nikko said it as a compliment and he is interested!

    2. You would think so but he actually isn’t. He is just one of those people who can appreciate a stylistic flare better than most.

  4. screw T-Mobile. they are desperate for new customers. They are constantly losing their current customers, and it’s because they refuse to stand behind the products that they sell. The best is when you pay full price for a new phone, it works like crap, so they offer to replace it with a year old phone the isn’t even as nice as the phone you just upgraded from! I hope T-Mobile goes under.

    1. My experience has been they work harder to get customers and keep customers. You are actually someone to T-Mobile and not just another customer they can nickle and dime for every kind of service they think you’ll pay money for. However, that is coming from someone who is looking for a carrier to be a carrier and not provide and maintain all my hardware. I do that myself. The insurances provided are a joke when I can buy phones pretty cheap on Ebay.

  5. Sounds like you had bad luck. my experiences with T-Mobile have been great and never thought of leaving. If they go down the toilet then I will look at AT&T or verizon unless another buyer keeps the good service.

  6. Where would I find the advertisement on the TM site; I just looked and found none. Also, does anyone know what the merger will do with us TM customers, what it means for our regular plans and whether or not TM is offering an opt out plan before the merger merger?- Don’t know if it has happened yet-because how they can say they are rated number one in the country for best customer service is beyond me. Nothing but bad experiences.

  7. This is horseshit. Went to T-Mobile today to talk about getting the $99 Sensation tomorrow. It’s $199 upfront with a $100 rebate. THEN they charge you $15 per month for 20 months, which is $300.

    So yeah, it’s not a sale. It’s a scam. $99 with $300 worth of fine print.

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