Motorola Xoom (WiFi) Users Receiving 3.2.1 HTK55D Update Now


Motorola Xoom (WiFi) users are reporting that a mysterious update is being pushed to their device’s today. We received a Phantip from one of our readers letting us know of his Xoom prompting him of the Android 3.2.1 build HTK55D update. While we have yet to see of a changelog from Motorola, according to the boys on XDA this is some kind of bootloader maintenance update so be careful if you’re rooted. If you haven’t yet been notified jump into your Settings > About Tablet > System Updates and it should be waiting for you. Have any of our reader successfully updated? Notice any improvements or any kind of weirdness?

Thanks, Christopher!

Chris Chavez
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  1. Nothing yet on mine. Last checked for update at 4:34pm.

  2. please be a true fix to write to the SD card!

  3. I just checked, it said I am up to date, but I don’t have the 3.2.1

  4. damnit Samsung, hurry up with the updates for my 10.1 Tab! its WiFi so i cant blame it on the carrier

    1. The Xoom is the “flagship” Honeycomb device, so it will always receive Honeycomb updates sooner.

  5. This showed up this morning and installed and honestly I still have no idea what changed. I did however try rooting it after and was able to.

    1. hey Jack, can you point me to a way to root my 3.2.1 wifi Xoom? I rooted my Samsung Infuse but it’s a bit tricky(er) on a Xoom I think. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!

      Thanks so much.

  6. Nothing for my 3g/4g model.

  7. Nothing available on my wife xoom… Just checked :(

  8. Mine updated and when I woke up this morning my Xoom brought me breakfast in bed, quite the update!

  9. Nothing here yet as of 11:15 am 9/21

  10. I got mine this morning

  11. got my update this morning. no-joy on the ability to write to the External card slot.

  12. Updated but haven’t determined what has actually changed…..?? Anyone see what’s been done?

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