Motorola Droid Bionic Successfully Boots CyanogenMod 7 – Bye, Bye MotoBlur! [Video]


CyanogenMod 7 or CM7 as the kids call it, has just shown up on the Motorola Droid Bionic. Popular Android developer @cvpcs tweeted the successful Blur-less bootup today and was even generous enough to include some footage. Check it out:

The Motorola Droid Bionic hasn’t even been out for more than a week and there’s already some great progress being made on it. Keep in mind, this ROM isn’t nowhere near ready for primetime seeing how there are a handful of essentials not working just yet. Things like, no radio (for making calls) or data, device wont charge, no sound and the camera doesn’t work either. For all you Droid Bionic early adopters, I don’t imagine it will be too much longer before all the kinks are worked out and you can finally have your device Blur free.

[Via Twitter]

Chris Chavez
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  1. damn these dudes are ON it

    1. Yea…that was beyond fast.

      Nice to see some devs really interested in this “outdated” “inferior” phone…thats not what I think but we heard it all and stil are hearing it…

  2. Still no love for the droid charge. .

  3. Moto products > Samsung!

  4. there’s too much Droid Bionic on this site…

    1. Just wait until tomorrow. Then there will be “too much Epic 4G Touch on this site.” =p

      1. it has already begun! lol
        at least Galaxy phones seem to be a bit more diverse. Droids seem to only have a few more tweaks and enhancements as time goes by…

    2. They have to coddle the uninformed or impatient buyers.

      1. The hate is strong with this one it is….

  5. galaxy s2 > droid bionic

    1. while I have great respect for the gs2 … have you actually used the bionic? its a sweet phone!

  6. Why do they still call it blur? Besides what’s on the bionic looks nice a whole lot better than my atrix

  7. So ready for this. On my second Bionic and the OEM soft blows…data disconnects, freeze-ups, other glitches. My Droid X was running beautifully, and I know the talented ROM chefs will improve the experience on the Bionic as well.

  8. What about the Photon? We wanna see CM7 on our phones too!

  9. Yah but cyanogenmod on the Droid bionic means bye bye 1080p recording. Cyanogenmod doesn’t support higher thpan 480

    1. CM7 on the Sensation supports 1080p video recording. Just can’t go over a few minutes or it reboots the phone =p

      1. o boy thats so helpful. but there has never been anything higher than 420p for a motorola device. kinda destroys any reason to want to video record on a bionic

  10. Agree moto > samsung


  11. “isn’t nowhere?”

  12. Wait, people actually bought bionics!?

    1. I played with one at the store and another one that was in the laptop dock. I’d buy the phone if there wasn’t so much talk of other great phones just around the corner but that dock is ridiculous. I don’t know why anyone would buy one of those.

  13. I’ve seen the bionic up close and personal. CM7 makes it actually a contender now. :P Can’t STAND moto’s OS modifications (other than the bionic homescreen, that’s nice. everything else is crap :P) tho the screen could be better…..

  14. CM7 still cannot fix qHD and stop the release of better phones in 4 weeks.

    1. It doesnt need to. There are ppl that are happy with their Bionics without CM7 that love the screen and couldnt care less about near future phones. For those that are into ROMs this is great news for them.

  15. Device haters are so funny. You hate on Moto saying you won’t buy the device because the bootloader will be locked. Now less than a month after release we have root and a good sign that custom ROMs will be here soon.

    You hate on the pentile screen, but I compared it side by side with the Samsung Charge. Color reproduction, brightness, clarity, viewing angle, and power efficiency were all comparable. They each were slightly better than the other in different categories, but the differences were negligible at best.

  16. Some of the things that people are complaining about with Cyanogen do not understand that for many of the specialty functions, they need to wait for a source code release. While Android is Open, a lot of these add ons from the OEM’s are not.

  17. I declined Verizon sending a second bionic. freezeups, reboots, lack of any kind of data signal. My DroidX was and is doing great on cm7, but it wont fix the problems mine was having.

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