Banned From The Apple App Store – Phone Story Is Now Available In The Android Market


Indie-developers Molleindustria have just released their satirical game Phone Story onto the Android Market today. The game isn’t without controversy, however.  The satirical collection of mini-games in Phone Story are aimed at exposing “the dark side of your favorite smartphone” (ie: Apple’s iPhone) by explaining the process that goes into making the device. From the mines in the Congo, the suicidal Foxconn factories in Taiwan to the inevitable release of the iThing Beta, Phone Story holds nothing back.


Of course, the game hit too close to home for Apple and even though they approved the app for sale in their App Store on Sept 9th, they promptly removed it a few days later on Sept 13th. But other than a five-finger slap to the face of Apple just what terms did Phone Story violate? Apple claims that the game violated four iOS app rules with its depictions of child abuse (code 15.2), objectionable or crude content (16.1) and promises to turn over a portion of the money to charity (21.1 and 21.2). Faced with either censoring the app to conform with Apple’s standards or releasing their “educational” game onto the Android Market, Molleindustria decided on the latter.

If you want to check it out (I already beat it), the game is available right now in the Android Market for only $1 and don’t forget to hit up their website here for more info. Molleindustria promises to donate all proceeds to “organizations working to solve the issues mentioned in this game.” Keep in mind the game does require Adobe AIR which is a good 6MB download.

Thanks, Sam!

[Market Link] [Via WiredUK]

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  1. UGH adobe air? WHY? WHY? No thank you.

    1. Is it really THAT bad? Lol

      You just don’t want to spend a dollar, huh? =p

      1. I don’t find it that bad.I’ll be curious to see what Adobe brings with them to show Air off at the Big Android BBQ

  2. fanboy supporting fanboy app

  3. PETA for cellphones…

  4. if they come out with the phone in the picture they’ll be back on top

  5. This isn’t that bad except that it requires 6 MB Download of Adobe AIR…

    1. I think AIR can be moved to the SD card if that helps any…? o_O

  6. Whoa … wait … It’s in the rules for the Apple Store that the devs cannot turn over money to a charity? Did I read that right? Who is Apple to tell the devs what to do with their money, especially if the money is going to good use like a charity?

    1. Steve Jobs does not believe in charity….Even cancer research. Karma’s a bitch.

      1. Apple (with Project Red) have been the biggest contributory commercial organisation for HIV research and aid. I suppose that might count.

        As for personal donations that’s up to him don’t you think??

        1. if Apple has contributed to something it must be to make money. As for Scott, its up to him if he dislikes Jobs choices, don’t you think?

    2. No, its a catch all rule that is in the Win 7 App, the BB app and the late WebOS app regulations. You cannot sell an App stating that money will go to charity unless it is made by the charity. Otherwise anyone can state that the money goes to charity and it may not.

  7. Keep telling yourself this game doesn’t pertain to Android phones too. Coltan is used in most smartphones, several manufacturers (like Sony Ericsson and Motorola in addition to Apple) use Foxconn and when it comes to obsolescence, that’s just as bad, if not worse, with Android phones…

  8. Wow, of course it really doesnt surprise me.

  9. Where’s all the outrage? People should be all up in arms over this game. The fake mistreatment of children has got to be worse than the fake mistreatment of dogs in that dog fighting app…


  10. Foxconn = Taiwan manufacturer, but suicides were in its factory in Shenzhen, China.

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