Sep 12th, 2011

Auto-correct, while normally extremely humorous can sometimes be detrimental to a business. Don’t believe me? Just ask the developers of Locai, a Dallas, Texas based start-up that introduced their app into the Android Market about a week ago. The only problem, nobody could find it. Google’s auto-correct function in the Android Market just about killed their launch. Go ahead. Give it a shot. Type — Locai — into your Market search bar and watch as Google assumes you meant “Local” and brings up a list of apps with that fill that description. Funny? No. Tragic? Well, if you’re a budding app developer than, hells yes.

The only way to actually find the app is by typing in “Locai” with the quotes. Something I didn’t even know was possible in a Market search until now. Let’s hope the attention brought by this new Market issue will be addressed in some coming updates. All Google would have to do is prioritize exact spelling before auto-correct queries. In any case, to help these guys out — why not give Locai a quick download. They’ve been through enough.

[Market Link]

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