Motorola DROID BIONIC Now Available From Verizon Wireless [Video]


This is it, folks! The time is here. As of 12AM EST, the Motorola DROID Bionic is now available from Verizon Wireless. For only $300 and a 2-year agreement ($600 without), you can grab yourself the biggest and baddest Android has to offer with this top of the line 4G LTE equipped superphone featuring a 4.3-inch qHD display, new (surprisingly impressive) version of Motoblur, 1GHz TI OMAP4 processor, 1 “Gligabyte” (GB) of RAM, 16GB internal and 8MP camera capable of 1080p HD video recording. Anyone out there grabbing one of these tonight or possibly first thing in the morning? Find any great deals? Post ’em in the comments!

[Verizon Wireless]

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  1. Anyone know if this phone is global capable/ready? I keep hearing “no” on the internet but when I called and spoke to a Verizon sales rep today she said “yes, it is”. So I have no idea what to believe.

    1. Leaked FCC manuals showed global, but that manual was just a mixture of old manuals crammed into one. This doesn’t have global mode.

      1. And you know that how?

        1. It’s not even in the specs on Verizon’s website.

          Ctrl-F -> global -> 0 results.
          Ctrl-F -> world -> 0 results.

    2. just buy a crappy tour for your trips and activate it when traveling abroad. That’s what i do! easy done. Plus i always tend to break good phones while traveling.

  2. I just ordered one but it was 249.99 for upgrade from og droid. Pleasant surprise!

    1. Good to hear..I was hoping for this to be 249

    2. Me too! I saw $30 credit but when i went to the final steps it said 249. Whew, nice! Love it!

  3. $300?? Might as well buy it outright and save yourself the contract extension and ETF.

    1. Orrrrr you buy it at $299, and just keep it the full 2 years. That’s what I’ll do.

      1. Blah… :/

        1. Or…you can wait a week (or maybe less) and get it from Amazon or Wirefly for less. Then(before you buy it), call Verizon, and ask them if they have it for, say, $150 (or whatever Wirefly or Amazon offers it for), and if they don’t offer it to you for the same price, I’d ask for a customer retention/loyalty rep. It’s worked with my D1 and Thunderbolt. If your wallet is a bit thin, just wait it out for a week or two, I’m sure that Amazon and/or wirefly will have it for less, and if you asl Verizon, they’ll likely match it, if not, see what kind of guarantee a 3rd-party company offers.
          I”m very interested to see how they perform as daily drivers. The pre-release videos and accounts I’ve heard have all been positive. I hope it lives up to it’s hype.I also hope that Moto/VZW offers a decryption/unlock. While I am probably not going to get one (waiting to see the Prime).
          Off subject, but I’d love to see the Droid 4 released with a quad-core, 4″ 720×1280 display, LTE, and like it’s great-grand father, the OG Droid – vanilla and first to a new OS, Android 4.x?, Jello(?).4 cores, LTE (4G), and the 4th iteration of the Droid. Good marketing; they can use all of the fours, and finally make a true successor to the OG Droid and actually make the Droid name mean something again besides bloatware.
          A guy can dream, can’t he?

  4. How is this 299 when the US GS2s are gonna go for 199? Vote with your wallets people.

    1. Umm. LTE is the $100 difference. Hence, wallet happy

      1. If you think that the LTE radio costs $100 more than a wimax radio, go right ahead. And so what if it looks like ios? If it looks like ios and has the customizability of android, then its a win-win imo. Now go die.

        1. Verizon’s superior service along with LTE radios are worth more than 100 bucks to me. If you have never drank the kool-aid, you should. I have used Sprint, and it’s one thing that my apartment loses power every time the wind blows…but when you add my phone to the mix….

        2. It’s not about how much the LTE costs Verizon — it’s about how much it’s worth to you. Text messages costs zero, yet we pay for those, too.

    2. Plus if i wanted an iphone lookalike then i’d just buy one.

    3. The next LTE Samsung phone on Verizon gonna be $199? If not…what are you talking about?

  5. I’ll be getting this from Bestbuy full price, so I will have 30 day return policy. If something waaaaay better does not come out, WITH LTE, I will keep it, but if these droid prime rumors come to life, and it is a stock android phone with LTE, than I’m going to return it.

    1. …That is when Best Buy ever gets them in. I went this morning and they hadn’t received them yet. A major national roll out and Best Buy doesn’t even have any. Epic FAIL

      1. My local Best Buy has partially redeemed itself. I went to their website this evening and found out they now have them (2) in stock, but none of the other stores in my area has them yet. I went and picked one up… I had them hold it for me from this morning. Looks good so far. Heavier than the Charge.

  6. I would also like to point out that “LEVEL 2” of the Bionic Droid Does page is now active, but it is asking for an authentication code to access “classified materials”. Anyone know what this is?

  7. blackberry tour that is or curve

  8. I’ve mirrored the promo video from the site here:


    Ignore that tip, the video quality crapped out at the beginning.

  9. Just ordered it for $249 and $23/month for Unlimited Data. Woot!!!

    Combine that with the $100 Trade-In on an old basic phone and it’s down to $149. Anybody want to buy a DX?

    1. How did you get unlimited data for $23? The only reason I purchased a phone early (Droid Charge) was because I wanted to be locked into unlimited data.

      1. Sounds like an grandfathered customer with a discount on the data plan. Yup… +1

  10. Working here at a Verizon tonight and been checking it out between coats of paint. Blows my Charge out of the water.

  11. It’s available at AmazonWireless for $199.99!

    1. New 2 year customers = $199
      2 year upgrades = $249

  12. “you can grab yourself the biggest and baddest” um… why doesn’t it have a better processor than my phone does?

    1. Whatcha got there? It probably has a better LTE Radio though…

      1. Evo 3d

  13. Cnight91: yes this is global ready. Looking at the display right now.

  14. Just ordered mine off http://www.wirefly.com and it was $249.99 plus I get a $100 verizon gift card for free. That is a heck of a deal than verizon could offer.

    1. That makes the deal partially tempting. I am still not a an of the phone and want to see what the competition brings to the table. I also want to do a side by side comparison live.

  15. I’m waiting a week to see what happens t Radio Shack when they start carrying Verizon on the 14th of this month. I’m hoping they might have some kind of deal to kick start the whole re-partnership thing. Our local Sam’s Club will also begin carrying Verizon again on the 15th of the month, you might check with yours since they are usually $50 less than retail.

  16. That thing has a huge fuckin’ bezel

  17. Meh I was excited to upgrade.. but I think I’ll root my OG droid and wait a while, this will be $199 or less in a month

    1. it is already $199.99 on Amazon now

      1. For new customers only.

  18. Went to Verizon to check it out and take it home if I liked it and all I have to say is the pentile ruins the phone. I noticed it instantly, a screen door / textured effect and would never own a phone that looked that terrible. Disappointing, really.. but better in the end. Bring on the Prime!

    1. Thx for the feedback. That is helpful info. I do not plan on going to look at it until the better phones are out. I need side-by-side comparison.

  19. I got mine from Costco for 279.99. Came with screen protector, carrying case, car charger, car dock, desktop dock, extra battery, and a charger for the extra battery. All in all I say I got a great deal.

  20. I just went and looked at this phone today, and I gotta take back the bad things I said about it. This thing was as smooth as butter, and I actually didnt mind the motorola skin on it. Its miles ahead of my OG Droid. Only thing bad about it that I saw was the screen was a little pixelated, but not a deal breaker by any means. I might actally give this phone some thought when my upgrade is due at the end of this month..

  21. But why is the version of motoblur ‘surprisingly impressive’? Is it not the same as the version on the DROID3? Poor DROID3… its like it never even existed..

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