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We have finally got our hands on the Motorola Droid Bionic for Verizon Wireless which goes on sale September 8th for $299.99 along with a swarm of accessories. Here it is!

I’ve been particularly excited about this phone because of it’s “future proof” characteristics: it’s Verizon’s first phone to have both 4G LTE connectivity and a dual-core processor, ensuring you get maximum speeds and a processor that can handle future updates to the Android OS. Friends and family asking which phone to get on Verizon have been met with a “wait for the Bionic” for some time now… they’ve been waiting for awhile but it’s finally here.

Was it worth the wait? We’ll find out in our Droid Bionic review, coming soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Okay sure your hands were on it but this was a rather weak hands-on video :(

    1. reviewers usually use the device for awhile. he probably should of named it an unboxing video. im sure he will come back with a better video once he learns the device himself. he probably just wanted to throw it out there before he waits a few days because of all the anticipation of this device

    2. yea unboxing videos suck

  2. Locked bootloader and they patched the root exploit = no way.

    1. how did they patch the root exploit already?

      1. P3Droid mentioned it this morning. https://twitter.com/#!/P3Droid/status/111441909951643648 . Seems to suggest that the first batch still can be rooted so if you want one I’d go out and get it on the first day.

        1. Well ill be waiting then. I want a phone I dont have to do all kinds of shit just to get rid of the garbage bloatware.

          1. Or you could just ignore the bloatware which really isn’t a big deal.

          2. just wait for the Droid Prime

    2. custom roms don’t require unlocked bootloader

      1. They do require root though right?

        1. yes

  3. Joining Costco tonight to get that sick $300 bundle! Plus with a 90 day return policy how can you go wrong?

    1. I thought the retail value was $157? Anyway, they are selling the phone for $279 plus the free Acc. bundle plus you get a 90 day return policy.. score!

      No $50 early upgrade rebate though….

    2. I was @ Costco and the guy there told me that each store was only going to get 6 Bionics!!!! Bunch of BS…..

      1. That sucks if that is true. I wanted to spend $50 for a membership just to get the Bionic for cheaper and the acc bundle. But now I’m not sure it is worth the risk. I won’t be able to get it until the 9th and it’s about an hour away from me.

    3. I want to believe this but has anyone confirmed for sure that Costco is having that great deal? I haven’t seen anything but a picture. Just curious if anyone has seen anything else about it or perhaps called them?

  4. Waiting for the Vigor. Would have bought this thing if it came out 3 months ago when it was supposed to, but having waited this long, I can wait longer.

  5. The phone looks thick, like Sir Mix-a-lot thick. Less attractive for me and for my pocket.

    1. It’s the thinnest LTE phone on Verizon. If you want GSII thinness AND LTE, you will be waiting for a while.

      1. I played with it at my local Verizon store today. It’s very similar to the Droid X only with less noticeable hump and capacitive buttons. Personally I’m waiting for Prime.

    2. It’s only a couple MM’s thicker than the DX.

  6. Can’t wait to get this awesome piece of electronics. Couldn’t care less if it can be rooted or not. Rooted my OG and don’t care to root anymore phones.

    1. Good luck! I hope the Bionic is amazing!

  7. Why are Verizon Androids so expensive ? Honestly Verizon has a sorry Android line up.

    1. It’s cause it’s 4G.

    2. Haha what? Verizon’s Android lineup is great.

  8. how big is that phone? it looks gargantuan!!! which is not a good thing!

    1. Pretty much the same size as the DX.. google the dimensions.

  9. Nice video, I can’t wait to get mines

  10. too little too late verizon. waiting for google to announce which carriers the nexus prime is going to and i’m jumping ship.

  11. The Bionic looks good! Can’t wait to see some head to head comparisons with the Photon and Galaxy s2

  12. Please, please, please clear sharp viewable close-ups of the screen. Gotta see if the pentile is better than the Droid 3 and the Droid X2 which are….. ahemmm….. let’s be nice and say not good.

    1. Jjust goti the storevideo wont help any

  13. I am getting one first thing tomorrow morning from Verizon. I will be testing this new 4G mobile device here in Utah, Georgia, and South Carolina over the next three days. I will post whatever I find out on my blog.

  14. I was able to get my hands on a demo unit at a local store today and the phone didn’t feel like it was anything special. I’ll wait for the Vigor and Prime.

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