Samsung Epic 4G Touch Now Available For Pre-order From Wirefly for $150


The Samsung Epic 4G Touch on Sprint is now available for pre-order from Wirefly for only $150 with a new 2-year agreement. That beats Sprint’s price by $50 and to top it all off, you even get free shipping. My mind is boggled at how great of a deal this. Top of line Android technology for a great price. If you like saving money, you better hurry because there’s no telling how long this will last.

[Via SprintFeed]

Chris Chavez
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  1. And if you order with Bank of America’s “add it up” program, you can get an additional $50 off. Plus you can use this friends and family link and get it for $119 now.

    1. Where is the add it up deal? When I login to my BOA add it up account, it doesn’t show wirefly as a valid store…

      Edit:Nevermind. Wirefly doesn’t show up in the retailer list or if you search, but it does if you just go to cellular phones on the left.

    2. So what your saying is, theoretically I could get this for 69 dollars… I’M SOLD!

    3. Just pre-ordered mine. Thanks for the link

  2. Nice pricing especially for upgrades

  3. I just got mine pre ordered on upgrade , sweet , an did not have to be a new customer

  4. it went up to $139.99 thank God i pre-ordered it on time for $119.99

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