New Verizon Leaked MAP Outs HTC Rhyme – Coming Sept 29th


Another leaked Verizon MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) made it’s way online, this time outing the mysterious ADR6330 as the HTC Rhyme. The model number of the Rhyme puts it smack in between the HTC Merge (ADR6325) and the Droid Incredible 2 (ADR6350). What device could this be? Well, the name alone hints at something “musical” (no, I’m not talking about A Day to Remember) hinting at a possible mid-range “Beats by Dre” device.

Oh- and it looks like the Motorola Xoom LTE capable version will be in stores the same day as the Droid Bionic (Sept. 8th). This can pretty much be seen as nothing less than a five-finger slap in the face to current Xoom owners who will likely still be waiting for their 4G LTE upgrades from Motorola.

[Via DroidLife]

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  1. its almost here September 29 and there is no specs no images leaked nothing

  2. This has nothing indicative of a “Droid/Nexus Prime” or such. I guess that that’s not worth remarking on? But then again, I’m always skeptical of the these leaks which consist of nothing more than a table of purported insider info.

  3. So I guess $200 is the new “mid-range”? :(

    1. I have noticed people the past few weeks bitching about contract pricing for phones. Have you people not been keeping up with the amount of hardware being shoved into these miniature computers? A retail non-smartphone was maybe $350-500 worth of hardware. A smartphone retail price of easily $500-700 and a contract price of $200-300 doesn’t seem unreasonable to me at all and I am a cheap bastard

  4. Is it also interesting that the Samsung Droid Charge MAP is scheduled to possibly change 9/30? Prime?

  5. Well the way samsung works it seems to be like this. Something gets “leaked” about the device and it magically shows up out of nowhere. Take the Samsung Stratosphere for example. So many rumors were circulating about it and it turns out to be an Epic 4G with LTE. The droid prime is probably the nexus prime with LTE simply because big red passed on GS II. Me personally as long as it comes with vanilla ICS im gonna be a happy camper. Cant wait till october!

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