Gingerbread Update for Droid Incredible Pops Up Again – New Build Number


Looks like Verizon found something unsatisfactory with the last Gingerbread build for the HTC Droid Incredible and promptly pulled it from their site. But if you thought you would have to wait months for a new build you’d be wrong. HTC was quick to submit a whole new Gingerbread update, this time build number 4.06.605.3. Word on the street is this update will start rolling out early as tonight (HTC did say in September) so now would be a good time to head into your device Settings and check for the system update… and don’t stop until October.

[Via DroidLife]

Chris Chavez
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  1. A tremendous phone indeed! I have moved on to the Dinc 2, but this baby is still amazing…

  2. Love my DINC. Waiting for 2.3.

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