Google TV Supported Apps Already Popping Up In The Android Market?


The Google TV preview for the Android SDK was barely announced earlier today and we’re already noticing some apps popping up in the Android Market announcing support for Google TV er- “Android TV.” Take myYTViewer for instance. This is an un-official YouTube viewer that’s new to the Market and the description reads, “suited for Android 2.2 and up tablets and Android TV’s.” Although we’re pretty sure the developer meant “Google TV?”

Thanks, Brian!

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  1. LMAO @ Above

    Cool, so when do we get an official update to the new google tv on my revue!?

  2. To clear up the confusion: a *lot* of regular android apps that don’t use h/w not present in TVs (like camera and GPS) can “support” Google TV by simply not requiring the use of the touchscreen feature (which they do by default). Add one line to the app’s manifest — — and you declare GoogleTV support. The hope is that devs will actually test and optimize non-touch navigation.


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