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Malware – How It Can Get Into Your Phone And How To Protect Yourself [Infograph]


Malware has been a fast growing issue with Android devices as of late. You can find tons of “antivirus” apps in the Android Market and simply traveling into Best Buy you’ll find all kinds of over priced software aimed specifically at naive Android users. Make no qualms about it, I hate malware. There are so many misconceptions regarding viruses, spyware and malware on Android. So, in an effort to further educate our readers, I am happy to bring to you this handy infograph from BullGuard with some easy ways of keeping your device clean, clear and under control. (May have to click the image twice for full view)

I’m sure this is common sense to most of our readers but I can’t tell you how many people I’ve run into that haven’t had the slightest idea on what malware is, or how to contract it. It’s either that or they’re so paranoid with viruses on their Android device, they think someone hacked into their phone and is using their all their data (true story). Did you guys learn anything new? If not, maybe you can show this to some of your n00b friends/family and help educate them.

[Via ReadWriteWeb]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I will honestly say i did not know there was virus protection apps in the market.
    LOL this is pretty crazy tho.

    1. This kid’s cartoon graph is pure hysteria. Are there dangers? yes there are. This graph overhypes almost every possible danger. For example, the hacker who stole data fro 100,000 iPad users – didn’t actually do that, he just accessed AT&T’s servers which stored iPad users’ emails insecurely. This fear mongering is stupendous and reasonable people should understand 80-90% of this graph is just hyperbole.

      1. Plus, that 400% jump may sound really bad, but it was like 17 users or something.

        1. Also, keep in mind that 24.5% of statistics are just pulled out of thin air.

          1. No no, that statistic is much lower, around 8.52% IIRC.

  2. Lookout Mobile is probably only thing I will need and use for mobile security. Legitimate company that has actually stopped malware and identifies it first most of the time while also doing backups of your phone and location finder built in.

    It scans each app installed and is scheduled to do a full phone scan and backup every morning at 4am.

    1. Ever notice how Lookout and other security companies came out before the actual malware started showing up>

  3. The way my phone has been acting, I’m wondering if mine is infected. What’s the best app, for this sort of thing?

  4. ok…so this is what i do for my 9-5
    you want to get in the mind set of buying an app. at most they are about $31 (for bullguard actually). some are alot cheaper and free beta. norton has one, smrtguard looks GOOD! mobile defense and wavesecure.
    if u dont have one, u will be pissed when u need it.

  5. It takes common sense and a little bit of paying attention to prevent malware and viruses. Whether on a PC or smartphone. It amazes me by the amount of people with problems and the high demand need for antivirus software. I’ve messed with almost every platform in a very riske manner. I haven’t experienced a virus/malware since Windows 98 was new.

  6. whats the best security for a non-service device? (Wifi only i mean). Lookout seems built more for theft, with a novalty scanner thrown in. it scans after the app is installed. isnt the device f*cked by then?

    1. not really. lookout found 2 apps with problems from third party sources after download and warned me, so i didn’t install them (duh). i feel the tracking of the phone if its lost or stolen seems to be the secondary function unless you lose your phone a lot.

    2. Apps can be uninstalled no problem on android since it’s not like windows where the app become super malicious and copies it self into places.

      Deleting a malicious app is the same as deleting an unwanted app normally

  7. Funny how many of the don’ts I do and never had a problem. Affront example my phone is rooted and I install from third party resources, it’s okay to do this, be aware of the threats and be smart about it then you will be fine.

    1. This silly graph is meant to scare uneducated users. I too root my Android devices like you, and have never had an issue. If you research what you do, chances are you will never have an issue. Most people will see this stupid graphic and think OMFG I’m at risk. FUD at its best.

  8. What’s the best security app available in the Android Market? In terms of, umm, securing everything as well as having minimal battery drain and cpu usage. Price doesn’t matter as long as it gets the job done efficiently.

    1. Lookout Mobile Security.

      It’s not a dumb bloated antivirus like AVG’s and norton and shit. It’s down to earth app scanner and does it in the background at certain times. It’s free unless you want to remote wipe and shit like that.

  9. I had no idea that Jailbroken iOS platforms had an admin level password. I really want to find out what it is so I can screw with my fruit loving friends…

    1. It used to be ‘Alpine’ when I had an iPhone 3g. I spent significant time dealing with jailbreak apps & such. Don’t know what good that will do you but there you have it.

    2. Friends don’t let friends love fruit…

    3. SSH
      Username Is Root
      Password Is Alpine
      The Application Is WinSCP

  10. I like to think I’m pretty sensible but even then, people can get caught out. I use lookout. I’ve no idea how good it is as it’s never found anything but I’ll keep using it until I find something better.

    1. I use a rock I found in my backyard.. Seems to work pretty good, as I haven’t gotten infected yet.. It also seems to keep tigers away as well, which is a plus plus !

      1. I have a rock too. But I got Tiger bit, so I can vouch that it does not keep tigers away. I haven’t gotten infected though, so you’re right about that one.

  11. How about a real protection app for android? There should be an app for these threats mentioned on this graph like the “middle man”.. How do you protect your phone from this? How do you get rid of it? I know it’s possible whent your phone is rooted (or is it?) , but what if you are not one of those who root?

    There should be a firewall protection app and not just anti virus or malware for android..
    As online security evolves.. Hackers,viruses,malwares and many other types of mobile threats evolve as well, so we need a good protection app/software for our security..

  12. To be honest the malware on the market is so obvious you have to be pretty stupid to download it. For example there are clones of popular paid apps for free that are just a fraction of the size of the real app. The idiots that download them deserve the malware they get from it they shouldn’t be pirating apps in the first place.

  13. 10% of all Apple iPhone users use 0000 or 1234 for their passwords…. Do I need to say more about those hipsters?

    1. But if you ask them, they knew about 0000 or 1234 before you did…

      So THERE!

  14. What I like is the part that says don’t jailbreak your phone. Did Steve Jobs pay for this graphic?

  15. Anyone who pays for virus protection is either a tool, or just doesn’t know any better. There always has been, and always will be, better virus protection out there for free than what you can (and shouldn’t) pay for.

  16. So….. Anyone else get a touchpad?

  17. Once you idiots stop playing with each other willy’s, you’ll realize the problem is real and that 90% of android users aren’t even aware of it.
    Google’s lax approach toward security is pathetic. Fanboys here, and on other blogs, can cry all they like about how android is being unfairly targeted, but tit won’t change the fact that the issue is one of growing concern.

    1. No, your mama is pathetic…

  18. Nice example. If anyone wants to get infected…

  19. lookout mobile security seems to be the best app right now for mobile threat protection. as for the people that worry about the man in the middle stuff over wifi networks, dont be cheap and sit on wifi all day, get a secure data plan and actually pay some money for a change. 4g will always be better

  20. lol and you would know because? Maybe you where dropped on your head as and adult :)

  21. why are you trolling the thread? I understand you love apple so much and resort to personal attacks, but just a fyi android phones do not have root by default.

  22. The iPhone doesn’t need a malware to be cracked open…

    or other vulnerabilities

    Besides, what about jailbreaking – to jailbreak the iphone, you visit the jailbreakme website and slide to jailbreak? And the phone is jailbroken? What does that say about iphone security? If it lets the phone execute code to jailbreak itself simply by visiting a site… sheeeesh!

    or security issues that exist since 2007, and apple continues to ignore it…
    Ironically, jailbreak is the only way to protect your iphone from this issue..

    Sad thing is… Not even Norton can’t save your sorry phone!!!

  23. Awesome Analysis Malware Spyware is a becoming a big problem on the Android OS Its best to have antivirus software installed on your smartphone

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