Google Buys The Domain Android.Me – What Will They Do With It?


Now, I wouldn’t say this is the BIGGEST news we’ve heard today but I found it interesting. Apparently Google recently acquired the domain name Android.Me and although it’s not currently in use — just what are they planning to do with it?

Google is already using the domain to display some general information on the Android OS as well as provide updates and links to other Android services. They’ve also managed to snag a few other .me’s as well like,,,,,, and

But what could Android.Me be used for? Well, I suppose that’s anyone’s guess. Possibly a native URL shortener used by Ice Cream Sandwich? A personal Android hub to manage contacts, cloud storage, etc? Maybe they wont use it for anything? I’ll let you guys finish with some speculating of your own. Go!

[Via TechCrunch]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Vanity URLs?

  2. Yea, my guess is it would be to manage your Google account for Android and maybe offer some services like Find my phone and remote access of some sort.

    1. I agree and think its straight forward. Google will probably build a central site for managing your Android services, backup, files, phone location and maybe even some corporate stuff. If it works out that way all I can say is Paige has really put the company on a much more rapid pace. They’d really become sluggish on many fronts. That also leads me to believe that Ice Cream Sandwich and Google TV are going to have some surprises packed in with them.

  3. Sharing links like photos and other crap from your phone.

  4. Something related to cloud maybe!

  5. Goolge…hahaha

  6. Chris, it’s spelled “Google”. ;-)

    1. Go to in your browser and see what happens ;D

    1. HAHA! It goes to the same place! xD

  7. Google??? WTF IS GOOLGE?!

    1. It’s Bizarro Google o_O

  8. They are launching a service called Mobile Me. Oh wait…

  9. “Goolge”

    This blog needs to hire an editor

  10. Goolge is cool and all, but I like Google better

  11. If I am not wrong .me is the domain associated with the country named Montenegro which became independent in 2006 from Serbia in Europe.

    1. Exactly and unfortunately. We all get excited but putting the web address takes you to Google Montenegro. I don’t read Croatian, but Google Translate does!

      No new features. :(

  12. We need a way to flag those spam messages….

    1. Umm…. use the little flag next to the time it was posted?

      1. For some reason, it doesn’t show up in IE… just checked with Chrome and I do see it now.

        1. Why the hell are you using IE anyway?

          1. Not allowed to install anything else at work. Plus I like going against the trends… ;-)

  13. If this is a cloud move, Apple will be on this like bees to honey. Suit to follow.

  14. the web address takes you to Google Montenegro.
    Sorry nothing new or cool.

  15. Just a random thought, trying to connect the dots post acquiring Motorola:-

    1. Google’s Project Tungsten combines with Android@Home framework.
    2. Last Year Motorola acquired a Smart Home startup ‘4Home’.
    3. Motorola’s work in home automation devices
    4. Now Google acquires Motorola Mobility which will neatly tie with Google’s Project Tungsten, aiming to make the mobile phone the single interface to all things digital.
    5. Google wants consumers to use Android@Home that will “Turn Your House Into a Giant, Automated Smartbox”.
    6. If i’m a consumer I would probably look at Android.Me as a way to approach Google to allow me to use Android@Home.

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