Samsung Halts TouchWiz UX Update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1


Remember that TouchWiz UX update that was rolling out to all Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices a week ago? Well, according to AndroidPolice and one of Samsung’s reps on Twitter, it appears as if that update has been halted while Samsung “assess” its progress. This comes after a few complaints from users who were experiencing lag and/or other bugs post update.

Samsung’s rep didn’t give any word on when the update would resume. This is an all too common occurrence when it comes to Android software updates (usually takes a few to get it “just right”) so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Still, bravo to Samsung on listening to customer feedback and staying on top of things. Any of our readers experience any bugs or general weirdness after the update?

[Via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Lag didn’t stop them from putting TouchWiz on phones. lol

    1. I literally “EL OH EL’d” Hahahahahaha!

    2. Mostly because TW didn’t add any lag that wasn’t already there courtesy of Google. It’s not Sense, it never was a resource hog.

      1. lol you obviously never owned a Captivate/Vibrant/etc

        1. Actually, yes I did. Just retired my trusty SGS for an SGS2 last month.

          Touchwiz didn’t cause lag on that unit, RFS did.

  2. I love the new Touchwiz UX on their tablets and I hope that they resolve these issues as soon as possible to get the experience out to others.

  3. I had to send my Tab in after doing the update — it rebooted at the time of the update and then then next day I rebooted and it never came back on just continued to loop a the Samsung screen. After calling Samsung I had to send it in so they could re-image it.

  4. I hope that the only thing they change is the task bar…Make it sleek and black and glossy….Love my GT 10.1

  5. There are a plethora of bugs:

    * Whenever you dock the tablet to the keyboard dock, or forces you into the Samsung keyboard (it didn’t before).

    * When typing a return email via the email app on the keyboard dock, it crashes email (it didn’t before).

    * The gallery keeps popping the thumbnail UI when swiping from image to image (it didn’t before).

    * Speech-to-text on the Samsung keyboard inserts random capital letters (it doesn’t on the android keyboard).

    * The screen will spontaneously rotate, then back again, even while propped up and untouched.

    * Auto-brightness occasionally won’t respond to changes of light.

  6. I’ve had input lag prior to TW too. As embarrassing as it is I’m forced to use my iPad 2 for most things.

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