Aug 15th, 2011

Funny, I always thought meetings for these big, multibillion dollar acquisitions would take place on the top floor of a sky rise somewhere with hundreds of lawyers in fancy suits but who are we kidding — this is Google! And just how did Google celebrate the year’s biggest jaw dropper in mobile? Why, with a quick sesh of ping pong of course. Yup, just a couple of guys in t-shirts and jeans, having a good time after a $15 billion dollar deal. Andy Rubin (right) even points out on his Google+ profile that the “Blur” next to Larry Page (left) is Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha (I couldn’t help but L.O.L.). Let’s hope Larry can convince Sanjay to increase the camera sensors on future devices so they appear less “Blurry.”

[Via Google+]