AT&T LG Thrill 4G Delayed Again According To Leaked Screenshot


About 3 weeks ago we told you about AT&T delaying the LG Thrill 4G until August 21st according to a leaked RadioShack screenshot. Although an official launch date was ever announced, it seems as if the LG Thrill will be receiving another unofficial delay, this time finding itself pushed back until Sept. 4th.

Once again this information comes to us via a leaked screenshot from The Shack and while we’re not entirely sure why the device continues to get placed on the back burner, technically it’s still on schedule for LG’s vague “summer release” date. Anyone disappointed by this news?

[Via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Thirst!

  2. This sucks. For all their talk earlier this year At&t still hasn’t done much to get great Android phones out there. They’re going to push me back into the iPhone’s loving arms.

    1. “Loving”….? O_o

  3. I gotta wait an extra three weeks! Wtf at&t!!!! It better be because 2.3 is replacing 2.2!

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