New Leak Reveals Names For Sprint’s Upcoming Samsung, HTC and Motorola Androids[


Engadget received a sort-of-kinda-leak tonight by way of these images showing off the logo’s for a slew of upcoming Sprint devices. IF the source is to be believed, we have a look at the official name for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II, the Epic 4G Touch. I’m just so excited about the device that I think I could overlook the terrible name (even the “Within” was better).

Next up is the HTC Evo Design 4G which according to Engadget, will be the new name for the HTC Kingdom. The Evo Design 4G will essentially be an Evo 3D minus the 3D display and a core of processing power but it will have a higher 8MP camera and same qHD display. Personally, I liked the Hero 4G title a lot better.

As you can see, also shown in the leak is the Motorola Admiral. Little to nothing is known on this device but the 4G moniker is strangely absent, indicating a possible mid-tier phone from Motorola. I know a name isn’t everything but what do you guys think of these new titles from HTC and Motorola? Epic 4G Touch kill it for anyone else?

[Via Engadget]

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  1. I hope they trust their sources, because anybody can create a few logos. They aren’t calling it reliable – nothing. Just anon. Engadget’s losing its mind.

    1. LOL! Yeah, I was thinking these could easily be Shopped – even MS Painted. I hope these don’t pan out for the sake of the Hero 4G.

  2. Assuming these are to be believed, I think whoever came up with these names isn’t, for lack of a better term, “in touch” with the consumer. The Epic 4G Touch? Outright fail. HTC EVO Design 4G? Hero 4G would have sufficed. And the Admiral? I guess that isn’t _TOO_ bad, but still. C’mon, Sprint. Whoever is naming your phones needs a reality check.

    1. Well said, and thank God I’m not with Sprint. I’d hate to tell anyone I own an Epic 4G Touch. Just saying that sounds pretty f*ckin stupid.

      1. Im on Rogers here in Canada, and I just people I own a Samsung Galaxy S instead of a “Samsung Captivate” or as Rogers has branded it “Samsung Galaxy S Captivate”

        I just call it by its proper name xP

        1. Very true.

        1. I’d laugh if I didn’t see someone else post that on engadget.

          1. I didn’t see this one! Better?

      2. It also sounds like you wouldn’t leave your room much…

  3. I don’t really give a crap what they call it, just release the Galaxy S2 please :)

  4. I don’t see them getting new phones other than the Galaxy S II TBH.

    They’re not gonna release another EVO or Motorola flagship device after releasing the Photon and new EVO 3D.

    But anyway, I agree with Artem about Engadget. They’re trying as hard as they possibly to get their own “exclusives.”

    1. Why would they have to be “flagship” devices? There’s plenty of market for low-mid range Android phones… these could be an attempt to get a piece of those customers. Look at the Evo shift 4G not too long after the Evo 4G was released.

    2. You’re in denial. BGR confirmed the embaressing “epic 4g touch” name like a week ago

      1. How does that make me in denial? I don’t read BGR. lol

        Also, isn’t the epic 4g touch the Galaxy S II?

  5. samsung galaxy s two epic 4g touch? these add on/extension names are getting a little ridiculous.

  6. i’m still waiting for the true EVO 4G successor. 4.5″-5.0″ display needed.

  7. i suppose the epic 4g touch is LESS GAYER then the Epic Touch 4g…..samsung must have read about how gay people thought the name was so added the “4G” in between it

    1. Epic Touch 4G sounds like it was made for child molesters. I bet it also dispenses candy and stickers. :P

      Looks like Sprint made a smart move switching the words around.

    2. Michael, You really shouldn’t try to hide your sexual orientation by pretending to think gay people have bad taste. Regardless of how stupid the name is. Also, when you went to school, did they teach you grammar (it would be “less gay,” not “less gayer,” but perhaps you were trying to seem stupid on purpose so as to hide your sexual orientation again). Thanks for the entertainment, though.

  8. They could call it anything they want even one of those 20 name Hispanic names. Just get this 4G phone on VZW.

  9. I could care less about the name, as long as the phone is reliable. I never call the epic or vibrant by their names anyway, to me, its the galaxy s. The galaxy s2 is no different. They can call it the samsung mr hanky for all I care. The galaxy s2 is probably the most anticipated phone of the year. It will sell.

  10. i dont care what they call it i tell ppl my epic is a galxy s and only add on the epic to let them know its a sprint phone. but honestly im starting to 2nd guess getting this one this round of dual core phones dont seem like theyll be enough of an upgrade for me to drop another $200-250 plus on them. i mean ive basically spent over $450 on my epic (broke 2 $100 deductible). Plus (and hate on me if u want) im a qwerty fan i like my physical keys so im prepared to hold out for a dual or quad core if its around next year from sprint with another full qwerty. i can afford to sit this round out my epic is still good enough.

  11. Why couldn’t it just be the Samsung Touch My Epic 4G? At least it would be funnier!

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