Aug 9th, 2011

Engadget received a sort-of-kinda-leak tonight by way of these images showing off the logo’s for a slew of upcoming Sprint devices. IF the source is to be believed, we have a look at the official name for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II, the Epic 4G Touch. I’m just so excited about the device that I think I could overlook the terrible name (even the “Within” was better).

Next up is the HTC Evo Design 4G which according to Engadget, will be the new name for the HTC Kingdom. The Evo Design 4G will essentially be an Evo 3D minus the 3D display and a core of processing power but it will have a higher 8MP camera and same qHD display. Personally, I liked the Hero 4G title a lot better.

As you can see, also shown in the leak is the Motorola Admiral. Little to nothing is known on this device but the 4G moniker is strangely absent, indicating a possible mid-tier phone from Motorola. I know a name isn’t everything but what do you guys think of these new titles from HTC and Motorola? Epic 4G Touch kill it for anyone else?

[Via Engadget]