Paranormal Agency Released on the Android Market – Good, Hidden Object, Spooky Fun


Paranormal Agency was released onto the Android Market yesterday courtesy of G5 Entertainment. The game has been getting some pretty good reviews with it’s mix of puzzle and hidden object gameplay. There’s over 50 levels in the game with 7 different mini-games and 5 different types of hidden object challenges. I was actually surprised to find there’s a pretty engaging story here as well. You take on the role of a paranormal detective who solves cases using her special ESP skills to get to the bottom of the recent boom in poltergeist attacks throughout the city.

It’s Paranormal Agency’s visual art style that really drew me in, mixed with a great story and (harder than it looks) gameplay, I was hooked. It actually reminds me a lot of those touchscreen arcade games you find at your local bar. Protip: The game doesn’t scale well on qHD devices and although playable, it is slightly pixelated. You can download the game from the Android Market and play the first level for free, after that it’s up to you to decide if you want to purchase the full version for only $2.50.

[Market Link]

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  1. Thats a cool deal….first level download, here we come

  2. I play those kinds of games on shockwave all the time. I’ll have to give the free level a try.

  3. My Samsung Galaxy SII is incompatible won’t let me even download it. .

  4. That picture of the gangster looks like Weird Al!

  5. I love the bar games the picture one where you have to find the differences someone make this game for the xoom

  6. So… When did Eddie Guerrero come back to life and join the mob?

  7. I downloaded this game on my xoom, the one level went quick. The graphics are nice. I would like to purchase it but I didn’t see the buy button.

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